Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Time

I kept on repeating this song by BSB - Christmas Time for so many times today. Does that mean I already have those what people would classify as "Christmassy" mood? Hopefully it is then... :) today, I went out to get somemore xmas cards to be given to my friends. I've bought 30 cards the other day and they're still not enough for me. Well, sending a card to wish someone is probably the best thing in the world. (To me, at least).. Hope all of them would appreciate this simple gesture from me (coz I am darn broke now! And gifts are too costly edi! Hahaha).. Anyway, today's Christmas Eve and I would like to wish everyone whom I did not managed to send a card a very very Happy Christmas, and a Happy happy extremely Happy New Year!!! Cheers!

P.s: I've successfully update this from my phone. *so happy!!*


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