Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas this year were fun too... Smaller crowd, different people, different feeling, but still fun.

On the eve of Christmas, SH and I went to visit two of my bosses from the places I used to work. First place: to send the little girls some gifts. I bought them colour pencil, SH got them some shirts. =)

Reached the place...stopped to take a few pictures before proceed to become 'Santa Claus'...

Second place, went over to the LC's working place to have supper.

We had steamboat for supper. Shop was closed early (one hour+ earlier) and the steamboat session lasted more than 5 hours. Both of us ended up reaching home at almost 4am.

Our initial plan was to chit chat while packing LC's luggage then the plan was ruined. T_T

Christmas day.

Placed and arranged the presents on the dining table in the hall. SH made some lovely cookies for all of us!

Butter cookies with almond + Kelloggs

...and the gifts from both of us to the rest!

That evening on Christmas day...

I went over to 163 for the first gathering...

Previously we have already know whose gift we are suppose to buy. I have to get a gift of about 15quid for MunEe. I was cracking my head on what to get him, in the end, I bought a perfume set...

Gifts for exchange!

The cook for the night was surprisingly a GUY. I didn't help out this year coz was kinda busy throughout the day. But I was ordered to make Tiramisu the night before... So I made 3 containers over there! .. the worst thing is what you know? To get the ingredients! I don't know I was suppose to make Tiramisu until that very day itself, and getting the ingredients was a havoc by itself. I have go to Costcutter to get Baileys, Waitrose to get the sponge biscuits, and Sainsbury for the Mascapone cheese!!

Food prepared by Veron. *yums* Got fried rice, salad, lasagne, pizzas, spaghetti, and pita wraps!

After food, it's the time we're all waiting for.. the exchange gifts session!

I got gifts from ChaiLing and Veron!

Red one from Veron, a bear... He got all of the girls a bear each. I got a photo frame and another bear from ChaiLing.. Lurve 'me to yous' anytime!

Me with Andrew. The last pic with him for the year coz as I was typing this, he is already in his home sweet home in Malaysia...

All of us + CJ the cameraman

Then about 10 something I said I wanted to go back home already coz the road's very slippery because of snow, and I don't want to walk home alone in the middle of the night later.

Before going off, I went up to the toilet and when I came down, there was a surprise for me! hahaha... My 25th (*gasp* omg, I'm 25 already! a quarter of a century old!!) birthday cake! No pictures of what happened after that coz I've already packed all my stuff into the bag already...

So there, my Christmas this year. A good one!

Boxing Day.

Woke up at half past 7 in the morning and went out one hour after that! To Meadowhall for some serious shopping!! But I came back with not much things coz I don't know what to buy actually.

I was waiting for Swarovski sale for 12 months now, but this year their sale was not good. So I didn't get anything from there. *sigh* At the end of the day what I got? Some bears and a good lunch, that is!

My 2009 winter collection! *lurves*

We had lunch at The Coal. I first went there in September and like the place... So, here I am, at The Coal for the second time.

I had the same thing as the previous time I was here and it was no disappointment too! But the rest of the girls said their meal were so-so only.

Us + CS the cameraman!

What I did on Boxing Day's evening? Sleeping at home! lol... Then at about 11pm we went over to Club Street to have my second Christmas gathering. Initially I was planning to stay home already coz I have to wake up early the next morning. Mana tau everyone went so I followed as well.

The theme for the night was suppose to be "Occupation", but only a few followed. We have a bartender, doctor, plumber, clown, and that's about it I guess. hahaha..

Housemates, presents and the Christmas Tree!

Presents under the Christmas tree...

Another perspective. =)

I had another round of exchange gift session. This time I got Carl's gift, and SH got mine! The best part was, the gift that SH got, is the one she wrapped also! hahaha... I was lazy the other day and put the gift in her room, and she automatically wrap it for me. LOL. Ownself wrap and unwrap the same thing! ^^

All of us!

Carl and SH

Self-shot with Carl and my gift, the snowcap!

We played some card game after the exchange gift session. I was feeling kinda tired already and I said I shall make a move. and the other surprise came!

Another cake! ho ho ho... and I thought this year I would not have any celebration at all.. really very very touched! Taken from my perspective when Xian brought over the cake and I was holding my camera... hehe...

Thanks you guys!!!

Me with friends... =)

We went back at almost 3am if I'm not wrong... Then got one more session at home! Unwrapping gifts one more time! Yay!!

Our presents + cards!

Cookies for all lovely housemates

To me! =D

Happy Birthday to me! Cookies made by our dear SH!!

After all of us have open all the presents, we went back to our respective rooms and zzz... lol

Before I conclude this very long entry, here are the gifts that I received this year!

Mad happy! F2008! My birthday present!!! *lurves*

Christmas gifts from Chailing, Wendy, Veron, FeiFong, SH, Purple Light and Carl!

...and lastly


Okay then, I'm getting very hungry now. Want to prepare dinner in a bit!



Amelia Ooi said...

Looked so cute with the beanie... Happy Birthday, gal!!!

sunset2712 said...

Thanks Amelia!