Sunday, December 6, 2009

Backstreet Boys: This Is Us concert

I remembered back in Secondary 1 (Year 1997), THE Backstreet Boys were one of the boybands almost ALL of my classmates were crazeeee at! So, when I was browsing through events/ concert back in July/ August (I can't remember), I saw the Backctreet Boys are coming to town (not my town, but at Manchester), I was like "omg, HAVE to go, have to GO!!"... So, I went on to book six tickets without confirming whose going with me that time... LOL

Here's the bunch that I went with...

Hwee Ching (not in pic),Ching's sis, Miss Kong, Mr Tang, Miss Leong and myself

Then, 4th November came but I wasnt really excited about it anymore. Maybe it's because of the long wait since I got my hands on the tickets... Anyway, I was quite surprised when the seats that we get was not too bad considering the fact that I booked them like few weeks after its launch. So, can't really complain much about seatings this time... hahaha

When the Boys came on-stage, the atmosphere suddenly changed... It was like all the energy in me has break loose and the enthusiasm in me came out again despite the fact that I was feeling kinda bored few minutes before that. BSB opened the show with Backstreet's Back (which myself and the girls guessed correctly before the show starts, yay!!) Only a mere few seconds that it took me before I started enjoying myself listening to the tunes that I'm very familiar with during my high school days...

In the past decade that BSB has been in the industry, I haven't bought any of their albums before and yet I CAN SING to most of their songs! Miracle isn't it? Think boybands' lyrics are in most of our permanent brain cells as we (the 80s babies) are grew up in the "Boyband/ Girlband" era... =)

One more thing, the Boys also took the opportunity to 'show off' some of their dance moves... I can't say they're the best dancers around, but a round of applause must be given to them for trying to sing and dance at the same time... ^^


The BSB have all grown up now (so do we!) but they still belted out those mega hits one after another... This including Quit Playing Games, The Call, I Want It That Way, More Than That, All I Have to Give, I'll Never Break You Heart and also my all time favourite - Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely!

To me, the best part of this concert is to be able to sing most of the lyrics to their songs (old ones, not the latest album)... Fond memories of yesterdays flew back to me when me and my friends spent lots of time in our houses (yc, jy, sw and gang) doing stupid stuff and giggling away while listening to various Boybands... =)

We were happily swaying away with their tunes and time flies when we were enjoying ourselves! When I take a look around, the sea of people in the arena seemed to be enjoying their time to the maximum as well! I really lurve this kind of atmosphere, everyone enjoying the concert... =)

When the Boys went backstage to change, we were being entertained with solo video of each of them starting with Howie D, A.J, Brian and then Nick... I find this rather interesting as each of them acts as though they're IN the movie featured... I can't remember what movies that was featured but The Enchanted which was Brian's solo video really cracked me up... hahaha...


One more Brian....

I was anticipating a more 'fancier' costumes for the boys but I guessed Westerners are different from Asian performers... Here, they just come out with simple attire unlike Asians which prepare lots of exxegerated costumes (hint: think Jay Chou the 'kua zhang' King in concert costumes... *faint*)!

I was surprised when the boys came out in this!

Woo0-hoo! Macam The Matrix!

They only performed a song wearing the costume - Larger Than Life. Another hyped up song to lighten the whole arena! =)

Singing to Larger Than Life

Towards the ending of the song

...and they went back in!

I did took some videos of the concert too! Die die must record my favourite song but then it turned out a total FAILURE coz I was singing so loud into the video that it ruined the song wtf! *sigh sigh sighsss*

Performing the song Incomplete

My favourite Backstreet Boy... Howie D! =)

I must say, it was quite a blessing to be able to see the Boys perform live as the chances of seeing them performing live in Malaysia is like Zero? =(

Are you guys going to fly to Malaysia for a concert too?

Having said that, I want to point out a small disappointment... Why isn't any encore session???!!! I knew the feeling when the concert was about to end... When the DJ came out to play and I was expecting the Boys to come out again and perform maybe another song or two... BUT to my dismay, after one track from the DJ, lights were turned off... and that's it... Concert ended just like that! @^%$$@#!!!

They did bid goodbye after the last song... Guessed I was too naive there will another round of surprise.... Yeah, truly surprising when the lights were turned off... =(

As we headed to the train train back to Sheffield, we did discussed about the disappointment and made a conclusion that this concert were a bit of a SHOCK... to us, at least. No encore session???!!! KNS....


~ kC ~ said...

they DID came la.. when u were in UK that time.. last year if im not mistaken.. me n wc went together sumore.. but suck la the concert.. bad sound system.. and lauya audience

sunset2712 said...

Oh, issit? It's ok since i got to see them in Manchester! hehehe.....