Friday, December 4, 2009

30 hours a day?

Current mood: Seriously, very very tired!

Seriously, 24 hours a day ain't enough for me now! After my family has gone back, I'm back to getting busy each day again! Need to save more money for my visa application and also (hopefully) for my upcoming trips... ^^ I've been wanting to visit America for the longest time and hopefully next summer I can step my foot there for a vacation... =)

So, at the moment, I've been working 10 hours a day. Got some part time job that need to be done at home approximate time used: 4 to 5 hours a day. Then need about 6 hours sleep. Plus another 3 hours for eat, shower, shit, transportation time to go and back from work... There my 24 hours occupied to the maximum! Then I need some more time for this blog leh, for facebook, email, msn, wlh, forum, etc etc.... Time no enough oh!!!!!!!!! ggrrr..... Now, my whole body ache like nobody's business like that... *sigh* Shoulder pain, leg pain, feet pain, arm pain, even finger also pain! @&^#%#!!!!! Think I've got to get used to this life until I saved enough for everything that I aimed for... =) So, one word from me to myself, "Gambateh!"... Am really knackered after work, but still need to prepare food for tomorrow's lunch in a while more... -____- k lah, want to log off now... ttfn!

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