Thursday, November 5, 2009

Steamed Banana Cake

After my not so successful attempt of making my first ever steamed cake, I've tried to make another one the following week! ^^ This time, I tried making Steamed Banana Cake... I search for the recipe online and it seems very easy so decided to give it a try.. =)

The ingredients needed:

2 ripe bananas (approx 200g)
2 eggs
150 self-raising flour
80g sugar
1/8 tsp Baking Powder
70g oil

1 - Sift together self-raising flour and baking powder and set them aside
2 - Whisk the eggs and sugar in a big bowl
3 - Mash the bananas and mix them into the ribbon stage eggs and sugar. Beat til combine
4 - Gently fold in flour mixture and oil
5 - Pour the batter into muffin/ cake pan
6 - Steam for about 20 minutes or til an inserted skewer comes out clean

Step 5

Step 6

Ta-da! Done....

Step 8

Soft and fluffy and ready to be eaten... ^^

This is very very very easy to make and they tastes good too! The nice aroma of bananas were great! =)

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