Saturday, November 14, 2009


I so so so wanted to blog about Backstreet Boys concert that I went last weekend at Manchester but then time is running out on me. I've got quite a lot to do for the past few weeks and also the coming two weeks coz my family will come over for visit!!!!!

As I am typing this, I felt so happy edi... My mum, sister, niece and nephew will be here in less than 12 hours time and we'll straight head over to Paris for 4 days before coming back to Sheffield.

Hhmm, think will only blog about the concert after all these. Will be back on the 19th and then the next day is my graduation day!! Will make sure I take lots and lots and lots of pictures with my coursemates and friends... <3 I've got a few more hours to spare before boarding the train over to London for my family's arrival... Til then, ttfn!!

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helenlai said...

lee hoon u graduate soon?
im going sheffield next year ler....
too bad..