Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dinner at home

, sMy housemates and I didn't really have a proper dinner together for quite some time now, as everyone was busy with working and such. So, the other day I was in the mood to cook and from an initial menu for making 3 dishes, I made 6 instead! ^^

These dishes are very simple to prepare though... lol

Menu for the day:
Vegetarian dishes:

1) Carrot omelette...

This is surprisingly good... It's very sweet (of the carrot) even though I did not add any sugar in it... =)

2) Stir fried mixed vegetables in vegetarian 'oyster' sauce

What I chuck into this Mixed veg dish? Answer: Brocolli, Chinese mushroom, chick peas, and lotssss of baby corn...

3) Tom Yum soup

This one is a lil bit too sour and not so spicy... It's more like a sour soup than Tom Yum to me... *sigh*

Now, Non-vegatarian dishes!

4) Malaysian style Chicken Curry

I think among the several times I made curry, this is the nicest to date! hahahaha... Bought some curry leaves from one of the Indian shops around the corner and the aroma of the curry was superb... =D

5) Pan fried Haddock with ginger, chilli flakes and salt...

I wanted to grill them at first, but then I realised I don't know how to... So, I changed my mind and thought of making fish tempura... Then, think twice and thought it's time consuming to make the batter and everything... So, in the end, just add some butter on the pan and place the fish on the pan and wait for then to get cooked! lol...

6) Herbal ribs soup

I don't know what are those herbs, it's mixed herbs in a small sealed pack (my mum sealed them) for me to bring it over to the UK. I just need to chuck the mixed herb into a pot of boiling water and wait for about an hour, and then chuck some ribs into the same pot and wait for another hour, and it's good to go!

So there, the dinner that I made few days ago.... *satisfied*

One last pic of the meal before we start eating... =)

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