Monday, November 30, 2009


Back to Sheffield after away for about 2 weeks or so... Just got back from London about an hour ago feeling quite tired... Shoulder pain, leg pain, back ache. T_T

Mum, sis, niece and nephew have gone back to Malaysia. Graduation over. Holiday gone. Wallet got stolen (again!) #$%^&*!!! Experience gained. Lots of energy and cash spent but am feeling very contented at the same time. =)

Will update the blog bit by bit after I recharged my energy later!

oh ya, and Happy Birthday to my eldest nephew, Kevin!!

til then, ttfn!


Shadow Skipper said...

ur wallet got stolen? oh my gosh....
sorry to hear that man... least u still have ur blackberry right....:)

sunset2712 said...

yeah, kena pick pocket again! and this time it's at eiffel tower! SO memorable, right? damn sueh.. everytime also like that!!!