Saturday, October 3, 2009


Came back from my Germany trip the previous day and am still feeling a lil bit tired now ... hahaha... Autumn is here and it's one of the seasons that I liked most throughout the year.... =)

As I was walking back from work this morning, I can feel the rush of wind blows a lot of things away. As the gush of wind blows, those leaves that had fallen from trees followed the direction that the wind was blowing... A very good sight, beautiful, but it gets a lil annoying when dusts blew into my eye... T_T Sigh, how I wish the worries and concerns that are bothering me now can be blown away as well...

It's getting colder as day goes by and I would have to wear a thicker layer of clothes plus toe-covered shoes very soon... Hate the thoughts of looking like a balloon with all the thick layer of clothes.... Argh! Anyway, am feeling kinda tired now.. Feel like napping a while before going out to settle some stuff later... Ciao!

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