Monday, October 12, 2009

Another chapter

On the 9th of September 2009 (i.e.: 090909) I've submitted my final assignment which is the Dissertation and the result has finally been released a while ago. =) I can now finally said that I have successfully completed my course!! YAYYY!!!!!!

Although I wasn't awarded a distinction, but I am really really really happy with the results that I've obtained considering the amount of effort that I poured into the course was not that much after all... hahahah... Am looking over at this for at least 3 minutes now...

Side note: Pardon the awful colour combination... I couln't change the header, but I changed my background colour to purple... =D

So, this is it... Another chapter of my life has passed and I need to start onto another new chapter right after this. Hope everything will go on as smoothly as possible... A lil bit of hiccups occasionally will be fine but I'll be praying for the better of course!

-Signing off now. Ta.-


Andrew said...


Anonymous said...

congrats! wait for ur convo =)

from ur cute & high pitch housemate,FF

emily said...

congratulation, u are so great that get merit, at the time i grad, we dnt hv this kinda kind of thg, once again, well done