Tuesday, September 15, 2009

She doesn't look nice

"She doesn't look nice"... was what a kid said to another kid about ME when they came into the shop where I worked this evening! wth! Damn... There were 3 kids that came into the shop, aged not more than 12 years old. I shall them sakai kid A, B and C.

So, this kid A asked me whether could I spare him a 30p, and before I could even answer, sakai kid B says "She doesn't look nice". %^$&#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Initially I was about to give him the 30p out of my own pocket already, but after hearing that, I just couldn't care less and said "Sorry, but NO"... ahahahaha... Then kid A asked whether could I give him a pack of prawn crackers for free? AND before I could even open my mouth to answer again, the idiot sakai kid C says, "C'mon, let's go". and out they went from the shop.... %$$%#$&^!!!! (again)

Kids nowadays.... they don't wait until what people answer and then just making their own assumption which I think was freaking rude~! Not to mention, saying I wasn't very nice.. Stupid KIDS!!!! *faint*


bloodbubble said...

those kids came into your shop asking for $$$ and free food? sheesh!! next time chase them out with a broom XD

sunset2712 said...

LOL...I will next time!