Saturday, September 5, 2009

Music-Man 王力宏 世界巡回演唱会 DVD

Music-Man 王力宏 世界巡回演唱会 DVD cover

The DVD was released today in Taiwan and will be out two days later in Malaysia..! Saw a few friends posted sneak previews of the dvd on FB, and also those in Taiwan, they already gotten their hands of the concert dvd... I really liked the packaging, A LOT!! *envy envy*

Was tired and took a break from looking into my dissertation and ended up searching for some videos about the concert which took off in Taipei in September last year.

Initially I wanted to search for it online so that I could download the concert and watch it first hand. BUT, I've changed my mind now. I had just ordered Wang Leehom 2008 Sony Ericsson MUSIC-MAN World Tour (Deluxe Version) from yesasia and will wait for my dvd to arrive in 2 weeks time! Support the original =) and that's not the best part, the reason why I ordered it straightaway was because this limited deluxe version comes with a 52-page photobook, a Music-man figurine, and also one exclusive CD single Man in the Mirror sung by Leehom during his Beijing concert as a tribute to the late Michael Jackson!

Can't wait for the dvd to arrived at my doorstep and by then I can watch it with a relaxed feeling/mood instead of the stressed one I'm having now... ggrr... Gotta get back to my work now... I hate amendments!



Daniel R. Chang Acat said...

i felt envy in peru its impossible to get original material..i just got Heart.Beat and Xin Zhong De Ri Yue Albums Bring Me To Me When Friends Went To China T.T...

a*hui said...

i jz downloaded the cd version and it's really awesome. I bet the dvd is 10x better..can't wait!

sunset2712 said...

yeah, i've been listening to it for quite a number of times edi! u ordered the dvd already?