Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Music-Man 王力宏 世界巡回演唱会 DVD thoughts!

Phew, after what seemed like a super long wait, the DVD that I've ordered from Hong Kong has finally arrived at my doorstep [Sheffield home] this morning! I appreciate the sender's effort by putting cellophane tape all over the box so that it wouldn't be damaged if any water spilled on the box or something like that. =)

After opening the parcel, I shoot some pictures as usual. The Man in the Mirror single was included in the deluxe version I ordered and I was ecstatic to have gotten it at last.

Then, I took out the DVD and watch it on my laptop. Turned on the speaker volume to full blast using my headphone and the feeling were just great! Am really looking forward to enjoy watching the DVD. After all, this recorded concert was the first of his Music-man tour and I am sure it will be just awesome!

I deliberately turn off the subtitles as I find subtitles quite distracting sometimes. But nonetheless, I still sang along while watching the DVD... Memorised most of his lyrics through pinyin and can recognise most of the chinese characters in his lyrics already.

I just simply lurve the excellent graphics projected on the several gigantic LED screens and this makes me reminiscence back the times when I went for this concert in Bukit Jalil 4 months ago. His band were great, dancers were superb, and most importantly the Music-man himself, was just truly brilliant! Spent 3 hours sitting on the same spot watching the concert, and boy, time flies when you really enjoy something.

I was anticipating the part where he was playing his violin to When You Wish Upon A Star in KL but little did I know he did not play the beautiful song in Taipei. Felt a lil but disappointed, as it was after all, one of my favourite part of the concert.

When watching the 2nd disc, I kinda forgotten the part where he danced on stage alone after singing Can You Feel My World. It seems that I have lost this piece of memory when he danced. But after watching back, it feels as though I was watching it for the first time. LOL.

The things he said during the concert sometimes does crack my up. Was laughing at his little jokes and I can imagine how the feeling must be if I were standing there live. =) Towards the end of the concert, Leehom was still looking so energetic and went off the stage for the second time to be nearer to his TW fans.... Aww... But from the recording, it seems quite scary as well. Seeing fans were pushing away, and the securities need to constantly protect Leehom from any harm.

I was really impressed with the work of every person backstage; from the choreographer to the band leader. It really needs a huge sum of effort from everyone to making a concert a success, and also releasing a DVD for the public to enjoy.

Looking back, think the concert I went in KL was definitely not the best out of Leehom. He really gave out his best for his first stop of his Music-man world tour. So, now I am telling myself to save up and will definitely attend his concert in TW when he held his next concert there, and hopefully some time near the future!

Think I will just here. Plan to watch the DVD again before I doze off to sleep later. Before I conclude this entry, here's one pic of me with my latest addition to my collection of Leehom's work. ^^


~ kC ~ said...

lots of interesting parts oso missing during the 1st stop.. the super heroes part.. the new songs part esp heart beat!! and the naked comic part!!!!

sunset2712 said...

yeah... maybe the song not also not 'born' yet as at that time! LOL

a*hui said...

i got my dvd last week..damn excited!!love the new renditions of his songs..oso his one-of-a-kind humour on stage..lol
btw, how was the KL concert different from the taipei one??

zelina@tanming.com.my said...

He did play WISH UPON A STAR in TW but was cut out from DVD