Sunday, September 13, 2009

Leehom Collage Part 2

Out of boredom and also felt so energetic now. Not feeling sleepy at all, although after a long day work today... LOL... Guess I will back to my norm where I sleep for about 3 to 5 hours per day now after submitting my dissertation.

Weird, isn't it. When I have to stay awake and do my thesis, I tend to sleep more. Now that I've submitted it. Can't sleep at all.. *confused*

Anyway, just made this. Music-man 王力宏 collage part 2~!! Here are the first hundred of the many many hundreds that I plan to combine... hehehehe...

The first collage are pictures that I've captured during his Music-man world tour concert in Malaysia last May. =)

Then followed by pictures that I have saved from various internet sources, and some captured by yours truly of Leehom playing different types of music intruments... Super cool!!

Third and fourth collage - These are some of my top rated pictures of Leehom over the years.... Still have a lot more to come, but will post a few first...

Email or leave me a comment if you want the original sized picture!

Here's the Part 1 link, if you're interested... Til then, TTFN!!

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