Monday, September 28, 2009

Greetings from Berlin!

Current mood: happy. tired. tired. tired. anticipating for the best out of the trip!

ho ho ho... felt so happy can finally come online after missing for few days consecutively. But, it's alright coz I am having a good time now!! (apart from being tired from all the walking I guess)

It's going to be the 3rd day I'm in Germany. First stop was Hamburg. Beautiful place; clean city and everything in between... The place offers more than what I have expected. Tired like shit now coz we carried our backpack and walk for more than 8 hours yesterday!! So freaking heavy, but it's a good experience for me I can say. WILL NEVER do this again! HAHAHAHAH.. My shoulder sored like nobody's business now.

Now is the second stop. BERLIN. Not as what I have expected it to be, but still bearable. Had an awesome dinner just now!! Will blog about it when I'm back next week... =) Will spend half day in this city and will proceed to Munich for their Oktoberfest tomorrow evening!!

Am feeling kinda tired already. It's almost 3am now and we need to awake at 6am later. Ciao....!

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Lee Cheah said...

hahaha....good experience.....
waiting u come back tell me all the storiessss....enjoy o..