Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hhmm... I don't know what I am doing now. Whether all those that have been written are correct or otherwise...

Am I in the right track? Should I chuck all the information obtained under the same heading/sub-heading? Should I put in under Chapter 2 or 4?

What if after I've sent to my supervisor then he said it's all crap and asked me to re-write again? Then I'll go crazy! and what if after I've send my work to him and then he take ages to reply then I'll definitely naik gila for another time.

Arggghh... The bloody STRESSssssssss are attacking me now. Damn.

Hope all these will end very very very soon! and I'll be free as a bird... Weeeeeeeeee.... and then start working hard to earn what I lost for the past few months... T_T

In the mean time, need to set my mind back on track and minimizing all sorts of distractions like constantly on Facebook/ MSN/ reading other people's blog and Youtubing on Leehom. @.@

ggrrr.... signing off now. *no mood*

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Felisha J. Kim said...

Hey, This is Felisha :)
Thanks for congratulating my wedding :D , reading my blog and leaving comments :)


Although everyday seem ordinary, because of your sweet action, someone's (my) day turned extraordinary :)

Thank you. Wish you the best ;3