Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Headache on a Sunny Day

Whoa, today's weather is madness!!! Super hot and I got a headache because of it... Damn.

The sun shines glaringly into my room, on my bed, and to my head as I was sitting here at the study table. Arghh!!!!!! Drank lots of water already, but then still felt thirsty like nobody's business like that!

When the weather is hot, my mood would change according to it. To make the matter worse, the house' electricity tripped AGAIN. For the 3rd time in THREE freaking days!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't even go online or turn on my laptop coz my battery went dead after a hour or so. Can't sleep coz it was freaking Hot HOTTTT hot!! Feeling so darn irritated with everything in sight.

Now, everything's back to normal at the moment and I hope the freaking tripping won't happen again. BUT the headache is still here, still don't want to go away. So, am STILL feeling so darn uncomfortable... *geram* *geram* *geram* !!!!!!!!!!

signing off now.

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