Friday, August 28, 2009

A 12-hour Sleep

Foo-yoohhh.... I can't believe myself for sleeping so much! Normally my sleeping time was 4 to 5 hours, or 7 hours max!

Was initially taking a nap in the evening after feeling tired of my work, but it turned out that I woke up 12 hours later. *faint*

I did woke up several times on and off to check on my email, look at some tiny bit into my work, chat for a little while, and then dozed off again. Was freaking tired maybe partly I got a super cramp in the stomach during the night. ggrrr.....

Had some really weird dreams yesterday that involved a monster chasing after me, and I ran and ran and ran for my life. T_T I don't usually remember my dreams, but weirdly enough, I remember two out of my series of dreams yesterday, and that made me feeling very tired now, even after so many hours of sleeping and "resting".

The other dream was not a bad actually. Haha.. It involved my favourite singer, which was very obvious who; Mr LH Wang. *shy* He was in KL, and my friends and I went to the concert. My family attend the concert as well. This scene happened before the concert, when me and my friends were in the arena already. Then, my family called and asked me to take them to their seats. Obviously, I was at the VIP area and they bought the cheaper tickets so I would have to leave the arena and meet them outside and take them in again. So, in the mean time, LH came out from backstage and mingle around with the fans, and the lot of them had a chance to take a group picture with him! When I came back, I was sooooo darn frustrated and sulked for a while. Until he came out the second time. I don't know why fans from my area didn't have much reaction, but I immediately dashed out and asked him whether could I take a picture with him? and he said yes. I quickly asked KC and take a picture for me and I thought, I can die happily now. muahahaha.... Then at this moment, I woke up from my sleep. Deng! T_T

Well, the dream only happened about 10 minutes or so ago, and I thought I better quickly record it down before I forgotten about it. LOL. So, here I am awake in the middle of the night, or so darn early in the morning, writing this. Will get back to my work after this. Promise would spent at least 10 hours on my dissertation today coz I have wasted my 5-hour plan yesterday. Spent about 2 hours doing some research only and did not progress much... Hhhmmm, think now left about 5 thousand more words or so to go! Then will review them again, and again, til I'm satisfied with everything and will wait for the day my supervisor replied me on the final draft. =)

Til then, TTFN!

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