Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Which first?

I've had so much to say and yet don't know where shall I begin. Got a few other entries that I wanted to post and yet haven't got the time to sort out the zillion number of pictures in my computer at the moment.

The past week was quite hectic for me. I am not really thhaaattt progressive in my dissertation as yet. I went to work to replace two of my friends that were away for a vacation. Come to think of it, I woke up at half past 6 most of the mornings; went to work that starts at 8; and by 11.00am I would be sitting at home and wait for the clock to strike 3.00 and off to work at a Chinese Takeaway in Kimberworth. By the time I reached home, it's half past 12 midnight already. Oh ya, so there... my time being eaten away by all these...

Come to this week. Well, I only work every morning and that's it. But my time is still soo darn packed! I don't know packed with what, but seems like so busy when in fact it was not really important after all. Spent my Monday in the library and at 163 to celebrate Lee Cheah's birthday after dark. Tuesday, which is today... Morning spent at work, noon spent in the park having picnic, and later on will have dinner. So, won't be home as well... Should plan the following days schedule now. Hhmmm, let's see..... Tomorrow will be the official date for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince screening in the UK. I WANT TO GO WATCH THAT!!!! And will do a couple of hundreds words for my dissertation... Thursday and Friday: Spent time in the library hopefully to have a more fruitful research for the dissertation as well... Weekend? Don't want to think so many days ahead first. hahaha....

Well, let's see which I wanted to update in this blog after this. In no particular order, I will post some MORE collage of Leehom =), Fun Day at High Green, dinners that we had in this new house, Lee Cheah's birthday celebration and also Picnic in the park.... ^^

As for now, I'm going to take a very short nap before going out for dinner later. hahah... TTFN

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