Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No more activities

No more activities.

No more activities.

No more activities.

No more activities.

No more activities.

*repeat 2000x*

My work won't be finished unless I stopped all activities that are going to delay my time in completing it.

I shall start to get really serious and complete it as soon as I can.

How I wish I can go to sleep now, and when I wake up... The work will be miraculously done... I don't care done by who, elves perhaps, as long as my dissertation will be completed.... *start daydreaming now* How I wish I was in the shoemaker's shoe in the fairytale "The Elves and the Shoemaker" now... *ngek ngek ngek*

Nah, I don't that's possible. So, better snap back to the cruel reality.....

hhmmm, the problem is.. Now, where do I begin?


Lee Cheah said...

haha, i like the shoemaker story, i also hope i got the dissertation writer T_T

~ kC ~ said...

2000x only? after that all left behind adi?

sunset2712 said...

leecheah: day dream is not a crime... hahah so keep on dreaming...

kc: no larh! will try my very best to keep what i said, unless got other reasonable reasons to break them. lol