Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Me? You? Anybody?

Am I THAT untrustworthy? Am I not good enough to be someone you can count on? I may not be the best person whom you can count on in the advise part, but I am sure the best listener that you may have. What am I? Why is it that most of the new friendship that I have known for the past year seems to show that I AM someone that YOU couldn’t depend on? Who am I? WHAT am I, for goodness’ sake? Why am I getting further and further away from everyone when I yearn to be closer to everyone I knew from the start? What should I DO? How should I do it? What actions shall I take? Why is it so freaking difficult to have a true friendship? YOU tell me, for I don’t know what the answer is now. I don’t know what else I should change when I don’t know what I lacked of from the very very veerrryyyy start. What kind of person do I portray myself to YOU? Demanding? Childish? Unorganized? Moody? Sarcastic? Stubborn? Uninteresting? Ill-mannered? or even horrible? Any one listed, or do you wish to add more to the list? Come, come, come. Whatever you want to bombard me now, I can accept them as they are. What other reasons for people to have a distant and drawing awaaaay? Well, that’s the thing I am wondering now.

Post note: the above was not intended for anyone or anything. It just came right into my head when I am feeling so freaking bored now. Maybe it's the tension that has been generating as days goes by.. Please don't take it seriously. Amen.