Sunday, June 21, 2009

Second Barbecue

Celebrated my friend, Chai Ling's birthday on the 16th (Tuesday) and that will mark my second barbecue session here in the UK. =)

Had my first barbecue session at Stewart's place last October just days before Chloe went back to Malaysia for good. Then this time, had another round at my juniors place days after I've came back from Klang. ^^

The boys and girls preparing for our BBQ session

I have just washed my hair before going to their house coz I've no idea on the barbecue thingy, but Andrew said he's told me before... Hhmm, maybe it just slipped off my mind. >.< So, I didn't really dare to go near the place and see the rest of them barbecue the chicken wings and stuff while I waited by the side for the barbecued goodness... hehehehe

They've prepared these....

Ribs, and wings!

and these...


and a lot more... but I didn't manage to take other pics coz felt so lazy that night as there was another photographer around. ^^

My favourite among all was......

Prawns -lah what else. Unfortunately, I only had 2 of them only.

Chatting outdoor with summer wind blowing on our faces... shiokness

The guys barbecued from day light to after dark and still semangat membakar those ingredients bought from Tesco.

One of them was....

Veron the "chef" which claimed to be 5566 as well *faint*

From picture above, please look at the top right and kindly look at the chicken wings... They looked burnt but in fact not cooked yet! I've no idea what it turned out to be when they were cooked coz I went over to Stewart's place half way through the session to bid him goodbye as he was going to leave Sheffield the next day. *sigh* One friend lesser here. =(

Us at 2.30 in the morning taking this pic...

Hhmm, actually I'm feeling kinda tired now. Just got back from a day trip with my friends and felt like updating an entry here. Half way writing I felt like sleeping pulak.. Hence, a simple post this time. TTFN


~ kC ~ said...

y u all curi ppl's trolley for bbq hah.. LOL!!

sunset2712 said...

not curi la... it's at their backyard all this while wan... lol