Sunday, June 21, 2009

One Week

I've been in Sheffield for a week after lazying at home [Klang] for a duration of two months!

Frankly, I couldn't say Sheffield changed much, but other things do. Friends came and gone, gone as in a lot of them went back to Malaysia and stuff... But apart from that, there are few more things that changed. First, the place where I used to chat or online changed. Shifted to a better place. =) And that's a great thing....

Second, I no longer sharing a room with another person. I have the room all by myself now. But it seems not so great after all... Staying alone in the room really can make one self too lonely coz have no one to talk to whenever I feel like it. So the thing I does most of the time was.... to go into my other 2 housemates room to kacau them! Hah!....

Third, friends... I cannot say everything's the same anymore. Everyone has their own preference in life and some prefer one to another. Some chose home as their first priority and went back, some stayed but living a different life, some still has no direction where to go [myself], and so on.... Wish them all the best in everything they do sincerely from my heart.

For the past 6 days, I did not do much. Arrived on Sunday evening and had dinner with the bunch. Felt so darn tired and slept early that night.

Second day, Jason Tan went back to his hometown. We chat and talked and eaten a meal in his sister's room. LOL. Bid him goodbye and started packing and tidying my room. Stayed indoor the whole day except during dinner time where I had dinner with ShinHuey at a Thai restaurant and I had the pleasure of being treated by her my kind kind kind roomie. hehehe...

Third day. Felt the house lacked of a lot of stuff... So, went out with SH to buy some necessities and had a farewell lunch with Stewart at Haha Bar. Went to the library to pay up my book fines but the system was down. -____- So, went back to rest and out again to ChaiLing's birthday celebration late evening.

Fourth and fifth day was a blur to me. Can't recall much of what I did. Finished packing. Did some reading, and that's about it. =)

Day 6, on Friday. Mavis and friends came to Sheffield for a visit. Took them to sight see around the City centre. They did some shopping while me having the joy of bringing them around and took lots of pictures... ^^ Had a satisfying dinner at Pho68. The girls had a great time too...

Day 7. Brought them to a nearby town called Bakewell under the Peak District area. Took even more pictures... Had a marvellous day trip with my new friends whom I got to know from Mavis. Bought the famous Bakewell Pudding, custard slice, rhubard and cherry slice from the original Bakewell pudding shop for Shin Huey, See Yeen and Phoenix. Super sweet, but it was nice nonetheless...

Came back feeling dead tired and slept at 2 am after viewing all the pictures that we've taken for the day. 5 girls and a guy took more than 1,400 pics for a day!! *faint*

Days ahead will be a bore I'm sure.

Have to switch on the serious mode and complete my work as soon as possible!


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