Friday, June 5, 2009

Leehom return from World Vision Trip

From May 24 to June 2, 2009, celebrity Wang Lee Hom who is this year's World Vision Taiwan 30 Hour Famine Ambassador, visited Sierra Leone to see recent program accomplishments and understand the on-going needs of children and communities affected by the civil war and global food crisis.

Source: HunanTV (article) & UDN (pictures)
Translation by minivicki @ Asianfanatics

王力宏非洲认领10个小孩 当20个孩子“爸爸”
Wang Lee Hom sponsors 10 children in Africa

Leehom and his younger brother.

According to Taiwan media report, Wang Leehom followed a Taiwan's charity organisation and visited Sierra Leone. Yesterday (June 2nd), he ended his 10 days trip and returned to Taiwan. It is said that this time round, he has sponsored another 10 children in Sierra Leone and that makes LeeHom the "daddy" of 20 kids in total now.

When at the airport, LeeHom appeared to be quite tired. He spent a total of 52 hours traveling back, first taking a car from the town followed by a boat ride to the airport before flying to London and passing Bangkok for a transfer back to Taiwan. Due to this visit, LeeHom also rejected 3 performances and missed out on NT 5 million of income. However, he said that "The experience is something money can't buy."

Hanging the mosquito net when sleeping

LeeHom had a very tough 10 days as he had to live in a condition where there's no water and electricity. Even when dining, there is no proper utensils. He had to follow the others and eat with his hands. There's a lot of mosquitos there and the problem of dengue is quite severe. Although LeeHom already went for a vaccine and ate medicine, those would only have a 80% protection rate. Thus he also had to hung the mosquito net before sleeping to prevent mosquito bites.

Last year, LeeHom visited Laos and sponsored 10 children already. This time, returning from Sierra Leone, he has sponsored another 10 more children and is thus now the "daddy" of 20 children of various nationality. LeeHom brought along his younger brother on this trip so that his younger brother could get involve in charity work and have a special, unforgettable experience.

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