Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Greenbox with Kiddos

Actually, they're not kids anymore.... They're teenagers now! Time flies, from little babies and now, uhm... taller than me! T_T Brought my niece, nephew and cousin to Greenbox at AEON Bukit Tinggi last week for a karaoke singing session.

Well, initially I wanted to bring them to Genting but the plan was cancelled coz I can't spend the whole day with them as I have other plans for the day.

We went to the 10am to 1pm session coz it's cheaper-mah!! From RM10.00++ we can get a main dish, free flow of drinks, salad and soup each! Isn't it cheap?!

I have promised to bring them somewhere during their mid-term school holiday so in the end I decided to bring them over here coz my niece has never been to karaoke before. Plus she can sing well! I didn't know she can sings sooooooooooo many songs until I heard her singing to almost all the tracks from one of the CD I've burn the other day.

These are what we ordered....

2x Glutinous rice for my niece and cousin, tuna/seafood pasta for my nephew, and chicken chop for me!

I joked with my cousin and told him not to sing any Jay Chou's songs coz he sucked. He obeyed, and I tease him coz I was only joking with him... Lol. Anyway, I still can't appreciate his 'nian jing' songs but I can still accept his ballads.

Green light for Jay's songs... and then he selected sooo many of his songs in a row until I told him to stop. -___-

Song 3 til 9, semua I not interested.

Then I asked them whether they know how to sing to Leehom's song, they said a lil bit... So, my turn to select the songs for them to sing. I only sang 2 songs coz wanted to let them taking the microphone and enjoy themselves more.

Hah! Song 2 to 9... Leehom's... *luv*

Luckily they still know how to sing to all of the songs I selected for them... ^^ Even the new songs pun they can sing! It's just great... hahaha

Then they've also selected some (I presume) very new songs which I have never heard before.

I asked my niece how come she knows how to sing so many songs... She said she don't know. -____- She then told me when she listen to a song repeated several times, she can sing the track automatically.

I don't buy CDs for them, they just listen from the radio and know the lyrics edi! How I wish I can be like that too... hahaaha

Kids nowadays, really bahagia... Primary school already can go and have fun in all these entertainment. If I'm not mistaken, the very first time I step my foot into a karaoke is when I was in Secondary 4. lol... T_T

Anyway, I asked them whether do they enjoy the session, 3 of them said nodded and say they enjoyed it very much. This is when I felt very happy coz they kids are happy, too... hehehehe


a*hui said...

did u 'pressure' them into singing leehom's songs, i wonder??

- L O I - said...

wei u very sai oh...secondary 4....
1st time i step in karaoke was DIPLOMA tat time... so what do u mean by "kids nowadays very bahagia....T.T"

sunset2712 said...

Hui, nopes I didn't! hahaha... I just select the songs for them. LOL

PH, this one I'm comparing with my family members mah... =.=