Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fahrenheit at KLIA

What draws me to KLIA this time?

Wu Chun from Fahrenheit , that is.

Actually I was like more on to being dragged there. But at the same time, a part of me wanted to go as well. Coz I've never seen FRH in flesh before. Heh heh...

They came down to Malaysia for their latest album promo in Penang and Johor but did not have any autograph session in KL. It doesn't make any difference to me as I won't be joining the crowd even if they had event in KL. LOL...

I then decided to follow my friends over to KLIA for their flight departure. Oh boy, this is the first time I have seen sooooo many fans for celebrity that came to Malaysia. Madness!

Actually it was to be expected-larh. 4 pretty boy combined to be in a boyband, the fans base must darn huge as well...

To me, I only wanted to see Wu Chun, but then he wore a mask and a cap, so can only see his eyes! >.<

The other person that wore mask was Jiro... Out of the 4 guys, I prefer looking at these 2, and both of them have their faces covered... KNS

Two other members from FRH were Aaron and Calvin.

Few pics of Aaron and one of Calvin. I was not aware where he was, and I always felt he looked a bit weird.... So, better have the camera focused on the handsome ones... (No offence to anyone out there that likes him)


My one hour spent at the KL International Airport waiting for their arrival and sent them off for their departure... Plus minus only seen them for 5 minutes or so...

Don't think I will do this again; except for Leehom.....

One last pic of Chun waving us goodbye... =D


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Amelia Ooi said... time u go klia and find leehom, gimme a buzz ya... =))