Sunday, May 10, 2009

STADT German Cuisine & Bistro

I've longed to have another taste of the famous German Pork Knuckle ever since my visit to Munich about 3 years ago. When my sister told me about this restaurant that served good German food, I suggested all of us to have a try! ...and it was one of my most enjoyable meal ever! ^^

We went to STADT German Cuisine & Bistro at Bandar Puteri Puchong one day before Mothers' Day, so there were limited menu on that day. But it was alright, coz what I wanted in mind was still in the menu!

Even though there stated 'Limited Menu', but there were still ample of dishes to be chosen from! hahaha... There were not many tables occupied when the time we arrive [approx 6.30pm], but when we have finished our meal and was about to go, the place was practically full. See, good business means the food does have its quality there, huh.

We ordered some fruit juice, which I thought was reasonable. Priced at RM 5.90 per glass, it was quite good, right?

The service that evening was prompt although the place was packed! These are what we had for the evening...

4 x Mushroom Soup for starter at RM 7.90 per portion. Got 4 kids, so let them have soup first. ^^

I liked the mushroom soup very much it was very thick and creamy. Yumm.....

We also had a portion of Garlic Bread for starter... The aroma from the garlic bread was superb and I can't get enough of them! Too bad the portion was too little 8 hungry tummys. So, we ordered another extra portion after that. hahaha...

Garlic Bread - RM 6.90

Next.. the main course!

Ordered a portion of Combo Mixed Sausage for 2 person for my eldest niece and nephew.

Grilled Pork German Sausage, Nuerenberger, Vienna, Thueringer & Smoked Garlic Sausage, served with Mashed Potato, salad and few choices of sauce - RM 48.90

Mustard, Sweet Chilli and Mayonaise.

My mum, dad and one more nephew had the original flavoured pork knuckle while I had the honey flavoured one. Sis wanted to try some other things, so she ordered some ribs..

3x Crispy roasted knuckle - RM 41.90

BBQ roasted pork ribs glazed with honey - RM 22.90

I don't quite like this though. It was slightly burnt [got the burnt smell/taste] and maybe I was already too full to try on anything else.

And my pork knuckle with glazed honey!

My portion of crispy roasted knuckle with bacon... very sedap!! - RM43.90

I don't know how to describe how delicious it was. The meat was very tender and juicy, the skin was very very crispy and fragrant... One word to describe: SUPERB!!! *salivate*

Took quite a lot of pictures after our dinner but am very lazy to upload them here. So, one pic of my and my parents... hehehe

All of us went home stuffed to our throat! The portion of the meal was very generous, it would be advisable to share with another person when you order a main course [except the ribs]. I would definitely come back to try other food that was being offered in the menu next time! =)))

Before I conclude this entry, just want to wish all Mums out there a very very Happy Mothers' Day!

My mum, myself and my youngest nephew.


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