Saturday, May 23, 2009

Photobook of Leehom

I have some time to kill at home, and I was feeling quite bored....

So, I ended up creating this.....

Leehom photobook! ... from events that I have attended (in Malaysia) since year 2005 to 2009.

I can't seem to find photos that I have captured prior to 2005. The first time I saw Leehom was in 2002, and I do not have a digital camera back then. So, leaving me only memories that I have written in my journal and not a single picture kept.

Anyway, here's my first attempt of the photobook. A simple one containing 30 pages...

Cover, first and back page not shown coz I don't know what to do with it yet. LOL

Page 2 and 3: Year 2005 and 2006

Page 4 and 5: Year 2006 and 2007

Page 6 and 7:

Page 8 and 9:

Page 10 and 11:

Page 12 and 13:

Page 14 and 15:

Page 16 and 17:

Page 18 and 19:

Page 20 and 21:

He didn't come to Malaysia in 2008 + plus I am not around even if he came. So, NO pictures this year.

Page 22 and 23: Year 2009

Page 24 and 25:

Page 26 and 27:

Page 28 and 29:

and finally page 30:

All pictures taken by yours truly, Kyrina, thymeloo and HOManiacs Malaysia.The above pics are 'print screened' from my comp. Hence, the low quality screen shot... ^^

p/s: I ordered 2 of these, and am going to create another photobook on my Europe trip and my family pics... ^^ Buy 1, Free 1, worth it worth it!!!



a*hui said...

did u order from Photobox?

I used to have a scrapbook of pictures and news articles of LH but it was gone after a spring clean..arghh

a printed photobook is a good way of preserving memories, better than a manual scrapbook that fades and turns yellow with time

Andrew said...

What about your oath of not spending money recklessly?Gone case?lol

sunset2712 said...

Hui, tks! I ordered from Bonus Print, it's much cheaper than Photobox but they take a longer time to process. About a week or so. =)

Andrew, erm.... this is just one time. Plus, it's buy one, FREE ONE!! So, there... ^^

purplebutterfly said...

one word...EXCELLENT!!!

~ kC ~ said...

my goodness.. must u put the last pic there?!?!?!?! there are much more nicer photos of us weh.. =.=