Thursday, May 21, 2009

Otak-otak Place

Was at One Utama the other day with my sister and nephew for some window shopping and we decided to have lunch coz the 'noisy' nephew was making lots of noises saying he's hungry already.

We were walking at the Lower ground of new wing of 1U and then I've decided to have our lunch at Otak-otak Place coz it seems nice and the menu's prices are reasonable. =)

The 3 of us ordered a set meal for 2 person and that costs only RM18.00! A real meal deal, right?!

RM 18.00 for all these, plus 2 portion of steamed rice and another 2 drinks...

Ayam Perchik

This version of Ayam perchik seems quite different from the ones we normally bought from Pasar Malam, but it is equally good enough...

Acar Rampai favourite Acar. I've had this craze for Acar since I was a lil kid. I liked this coz it's not too spicy and they served them cold, which makes the Acar more perfect!

Steamed Otak-otak ~ I still prefer the bakar ones... ^^

Soto Ayam

Maybe I'm not used to having kacangs in my soup.... we coudn't finish this whole pot. So, they ended up wasted...

Sambal Tofu ~ One word for this... Great!

and additional order of half dozen Otak-otak

We only ordered 6, and I had half of them. hehehehe...

One last pic of my 'ever hungry' nephew... LOL

Frankly, this places serves some fairly good otak-otak and I will definitely come back for more! ^^


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