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Leehom's Music Man Malaysia Concert

Time: 8.30pm
Date: 2nd May 2009
Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur

Right...Now, where shall I start? From the first day when he arrived, or just the concert day alone? I have a feeling this will be a darn long post. hahaha... Will try to cut it as short as I can. =)

1st of May 2009
Ok, first day Leehom arrival. We were at the airport but he was no where to be seen. When we got a phone call saying that he's already back to the hotel, we were super disappointed and left KLIA feeling very sad, and tired, and not forgetting the parking $$ burned! You know how expensive parking fee can be nowadays. It's madness. Actually it's just RM 6 larh, so it's not that bad considering we'll share the cost among ourselves. Oh ya, the 'we' refers to my 38 Homies, btw (Kyrina, Mavis, Huijuin, Thymeloo and MeiLing)

So, after the phone call, we headed to SS2 for Kei Tak Sek's (K.T.Z Food) dessert. When feeling upset have to take something sweet to cheer us up, so drove from KLIA to PJ during teatime. Chit chat chit chat til almost dinner time.

Our initial plan was to steamboat in Kepong after Leehom's arrival, but it was ruined... Hence, we change our direction Sunway Pyramid to jalan-jalan cari makan again! I suggested a few restaurants but none of then agreed, in the end we decided to stop at Bar.B.Q Plaza to have dinner.

Gift for Mr Leehom Wang

Vain pots

We had our dinner til about 9-ish and decided to go over to the hotel where he stays hoping he would show up after his rehearsal in the stadium. Indeed! We were quite on time as right after we have parked our cars in the carpark, we walked over to the lobby, arranged the gifts that were suppose for him, took some pictures with the gang and when we were about to settle down to rest a little.... He was back to the hotel! Timing was perfect this time around. As he walked towards the entrance, I pass him a gift and he smiled back. This is actually the first time when I faced him and doesn't feel nervous. hahaha.. (coz got not enough time to reflect back and feel nervous) ^^ Right after that, we headed back to Kyrina's place to rest and calls it a day. =)

Oh ya, we did something to be worn for the concert...

Jeng jeng jeng jengggg............

'HOM' Hairband

It does look kinda childish though. But then once in a blue moon, tak apa larh... LOL

2nd of May 2009
All of us woke up quite late and we straight went out to have our lunch then followed by buying some 'flower' for Hom which was suggested by HJ.

Went to a few florist but prices for the flowers are waaay out of her budget. So, we went over to 1U (coz it's the nearest to our location) to try out luck to see whether there are other alternatives or not. So, in the end we bought these from a toy shop which I thought were the perfect thing!


One mission down. Next, we went back to get ready for the big event! Took bath, taking pictures of our 'presents' and even more pictures of ourselves... muahahaha

HJ. Mv, LH & KC

Kyrina with the flowers and me with Mr Smiley [for Dan]

After the photo session, we went to Big Apple to grab a dozen of donuts [for dinner] and was ready for the concert!!! We reached the stadium at slightly past 6 and got a good parking spot where it was just at our seating entrance! ^^ Met some long lost friends, bought some merchandise, paid for the item that I've won for the charity donation, put all the things in the car, and then when we were about to go into the stadium, we've got a long queue even at the Media and VVIP area!!! You know why? Coz they securities are delaying the time and checking everyone's bag one by one. I repeat, ONE BY ONE!!!

Okay, I got kinda nervous as I got a BIG bag, and in the big bag, contain another smaller bag... Where my BIG camera, extra lense and 2 more compact cameras were. Then when it was my turn, I unzipped my bag, the security [junior] asked me to open the small bag.... then when I was about to open, another security [head presumably] came over coz the junior took quite long to check people's bag. I lagi nervous lah! Then hor, the smart/ clever/ intelligent head of security taught his junior how to check bags...

First, he said "Don't need to open their bags wan, just grab at the bottom of the bag and if you feel something rectangular shaped, that's it!" and at that very moment, he demonstrated on my bag! That fella grab the bottom of my big camera and felt the weight of it and and and let me in.!!! *faint 1000x* That was like soooooooooo close ok! I don't know whether to laugh or pity the head of security... LOL. HJ was in front my of when queueing and she placed her compact camera in her jeans pocket but the guard asked her to put her camera back to the car or the specified area. hahahaha.

As we walked into the arena, I already the excitement of the concert that was going to start in a bit! Then we were being ushered to our seats. The moment I got to the seat, I was feeling kinda disappointed already. It's further than the previous concert coz they have had a barrier in front of the stage! *sigh* AND I PAID 20% more compared to the previous Heroes of Earth concert in 2007!!

Hhmm, I need to at least compliment one of the sponsors for this event, Boston for supplying everyone a recycle bag, bottled water, files and also an Ang Pao [with RM1.00 cash and RM 20.00 voucher]!! Will get back to comments on the organiser at the end of this entry coz I'm unsure on how much I will yak about them.

Juin, Kc, Mavis, LH

We took a few pictures using our phone camera coz we dare not take out our respective cameras yet! Not before the concert certainly! lol... After taking about a dozen of pictures or so, we were back to our seats and relax for a while.

I was not aware of the time and when Danell Lee came out to perform his first song [he's the Opening act for the concert] I was totally not prepared for him!! The lense of my camera haven't been set, so I have to sing along while at the same time put on my camera lense!! I was sooo darn angry with the arrangements coz they didn't even switch off the lights and the arena and a lot of us were surprise when he came out to perform I'm sure!

I think I was the only one that got really excited when he came out to perform coz everyone seated at the same row seems to be sooo relaxed still. -_______- Being the over excited me, I quickly chuck my bag and other belongings to the ground and start to pay more attention to his performance!! hhmmmppphhhhh!!! He only sung a song [Yin Wei You Ai] and I was kinda disappointed the 4 minutes+ performance just flew away in an instance!

The only picture I managed to capture. *sigh* This was towards the end of the song already.

After Danell, it was another singer by the name of Kay for the second opening act. I don't know what song she sang but one of them was Angela Zhang's. Got a bit relaxed, picked up my bag and tidy up the mess I left on the ground and continue to change the setting for my camera. LOL.

Oh ya, I did took a few shots of Bahamut after Danell's performance though. And they turned out sucked!!!!!!!! Just can't get the right setting for a clearer shot of it.

This is the clearest pic I took edi. KNS right?

Few minutes later, Leehom got the crowd cheered into full blast when he appeared from the top to start off his Music Man concert attired in er, the superhero Music Man! I was in awe and my eyes are locked to his first appearance in the concert! He opened the show by singing What's Wrong With Rock (搖滾怎麼了!!) and we (my friends and I) cheered and cheered and sing along with the fast beat from his latest album!

Up next he sang W-H-Y. I totally lurve him performing this song! Got more hyper and wanted to stand up to enjoy the concert but there were tight securities around so we were being called to sit down. @#$%&!!!!! After the song, Bahamut, the guitar that was specially made for our Music Man arrives.... The crowd cheered even louder!

Leehom then changed his another guitar to Bahamut and started playing with it. The first sound from Bahamut was..... a.m.a.z.i.n.g!! A cool G-cleft dragon shaped guitar with a even more cool superhero! How about that, eh? Leehom then continued with a few more beats starting with Hua Tian Cuo (花田錯), Long De Chuan Ren (龍的傳人), Heart Beat, Forever Love, An Quan Gan (安全感) before headed to the backstage to change into his second costume! Oh ya, he did came down from the stage when he was singing Forever Love but I didn't rush out to the front of the stage coz the environment was kinda scary when I saw such huge crowd rushing over to the front to have a closer glimpse of Music Man. I just stood at my seat and enjoy watching other fans getting over excited in front of me. hahaha,...

(Special thanks to T.Wei for this picture)

While Music Man was at the back stage, we were being treated to watch the giant LED screen that showed the animation of various superheroes like Superman, The Hulk, Ironman and such.... Then, he appeared and swept everyone away with his slow ballad 'The First Morning'. Felt so touched and emotional at the same time when he was performing this song. Don't ask me why, coz I don't know as well. hahaha... He then continuously sung 3 more ballad; Liu Lei Shou Xin (流淚手心), Da Cheng Xiao Ai (大城小愛), and If You Hear My Song (如果你聽見我的歌) I was super duper happy when I heard the first tune of If You Hear My Song, coz it's one of my favourite song from his old albums many many years ago! To date, I still failed to get my hands on it after my cassette went missing. *sigh*

After some slow songs, the crowd needed to by hyped up once again!!! He performed 3 more upbeat songs in a row and I was enjoying myself to the maximum until I forgotten to shoot with my camera! LOL. How to 'jaga' the camera when the Idol is performing some fast tempos on the stage, right? hahahaha.... It was my first time listening to the 'live' version of Ai De De Ti (愛得 得體) and I totally lurve it!

Anyway, he then disappeared once again. And came out as the drummer in his own band, namely Gai Bian Zhi Ji (改變自己 GBZJ).

It was very funny to listen to him speaking in Mandarin with a very very heavy English accent! After the drumming session, he was replaced by a 'replica' of him to continue playing the drum and two more guitarist that were obviously the fake version of Leehom appeared. LOL. It was not surprising coz my camera is able to zoom in to the person's face I waited til the real Leehom appeared... this time in a proper formal Prince Charming suit!

Leehom in all white..... I like! ^^

Playing the "When You Wish Upon A Star"

My friend seated beside me then told me up next would be Leehom pulling the strings of his violin!! I so so so wanted to take a video of them but I unfortunately there were too many securities around and I was not able to video anything when he played "When You Wish Upon A Star". Oh well, I just take it as a good side coz I can fully concentrate in the performance! Hah!. The wonderful tune that came out from his violin were marvellous!!! Then I told myself MUST video the next violin performance of him and I did.... ahahaha.... It was Luo Ye Gui Gen (落葉歸根)and I'm really glad I did coz I repeatedly watch the clip after the concert when we were back at KC's place. ^^

Til now, the concert was half gone and I have a sense that the time will pass very very fast! So, I was not really bothered in taking pictures already and need to concentrate on his performance even more!

Then he piano was out and he played piano while singing to tracks Ni Bu Zai (妳不在) and Yi Shou Jian Dan De Ge (一首簡單的歌). My goodness, I was totally blown away already by this time. ho ho ho. Oh ya, forgotten to mention the song Can You Feel My World. This is also one of my favourite songs from him!! I was a bit disappointed when eh didn't sing this song during his previous 2 concerts in Malaysia and finally I get to watch and listen to this track Live!!!

My favourite attire for the night!

His electric guitar is out again when he perform Gai Shi Ying Xiong (蓋世英雄) and also Fang Kai Ni De Xin (放開你的心)!!! The crowd was screaming and the atmosphere was very very very good! Everyone got very excited but we still need to SIT DOWN throughout the concert. I think by this time everyone was getting more pissed with the securities (Galaxy and RELA Guys). BUZZ OFF!! I heard from some of my friends and also read some comment on how badly they treated some of the fans and some even got hit by the securities! My my... I was really upset by how this concert was organised by the organiser in security wise.

Music Man jamming with his Bahamut

Leehom then took the chance to singing a birthday song to his crew when he was introducing the band to us. We, HOManiacs was singing along too but we were actually singing to Leehom himself. He'll turn 33 this coming 17th and HOManiacs has prepared a very special gift for him. The fans club has compiled videos taken by fans in Malaysia wishing him Happy Birthday and the CD was presented to him when he was on stage.

It was almost towards the end of the concert already. He sang Xin Zhong De Ri Yue (心中的日月) and bid goodbye to all of us but the band is not packed yet and the lightings were still 'idling'. hahaha... So, the crowd were basically screaming his name out while screaming "Encore" repeatedly for many many many times!

He then came out again and started singing Fang Kai Ni De Xin and also Ai Ni Deng Yu Ai Zhi Ji (愛妳等於愛自己). He talked to the crowd of more than 25,000 people and this time, he said he's going to kiss everyone in the crowd and thus the beginning of "Kiss Goodbye". By this time, fans were standing in front of the stage without giving a damn on the securities already. LOL. I was one of them as well. ^^ He then did another version of What's Wrong With Rock!! and there goes my ticket to this concert. My friends and I then rush rush back to our seats to grab our bags and headed straight to the carpark coz we don't want to be stucked in the jam. hahaha... On the way out, the sponsors were giving out free Peel Fresh at the VVIP area so I took one as well! It was really thoughtful of them to giving out free COLD drinks after a concert... So, another two thumbs up to the sponsors! =)

Time flies sooooooo bloody fast when we were having a great time! Concert ended and we headed to the place where the post concert party was held hoping to see another glimpse of Leehom (and Dan for me, coz we guessed he will be going to the party since he was the Opening Act for it) ^^

We waited for almost 4 hours while chat chatting among each other and got to know few more fans from Japan.

Was glad to know more people through Lee Hom (indirectly) coz all of us were Unite under his music where he says Music has no boundary... =)))

*sigh* Don't feel like talking about how the situation was at the after concert venue hoping to only keep fond memories from this concert!!!

So, one last picture of us in the club tee... ^^

ML, Thymeloo, Mavis, Kyrina, Lee Hoon and Hui Juin

To conclude the whole post, MUSIC-MAN CONCERT ROCKS! The organiser GALAXY ENTERTAINMENT SUCKS!

p/s: I didn't meant to be so long-winded. It's just that I got carried away talking about the concert. hahahaha.... If you have read til this point, Thanks for sparing your time! ^^

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