Sunday, May 31, 2009

Danell "Sharing" Dvd + Cd

I am listening to Danell's "My Aspiration" from his "Sharing" DVD + Cd as I was typing this!!

I've been searching for this for a few weeks already but failed to get hold of it!

Went over to Mid Valley in the evening and went to Speedy to have another look and it was no where to be found... at the Chinese Pop section. Then, as I was browsing some more CDs, I came to the Special Interest section and there they were.... 6 DVDs on the display rack!

I immediately grabbed 2 of them and go. LOL... Was so happy and after paying for that, I went over to The Gardens for some window shopping.

Then, I came to this CD shop called Rock Corner or something and saw this....

Another one....

Then never mind, went over to Popular in Jusco in Bukit Tinggi and found another one there!


When I was searching high and low for the DVD... it was no where to be found. Now that I've got them already. It seems to be appearing at every CD shop I entered! -___-

The DVD was awesome! Why? Bcoz... erm erm... I have never really watched his music videos before this. hehehe... There are 15 MVs in the DVD plus some Behind the scenes shot.... PLUS another bonus CD containing 2 new tracks called My Aspiration and On Every Line... Nice!!! ^^

One last pic of me with my newly bought "Sharing"... Go get yourself a copy too!

Alrite... wanna continue watching all those MVs for another time now!


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