Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Danell Lee at Panasonic Event

Went over to Mid Valley to catch Danell perform for Panasonic Colour Connection event last Saturday. Seriously, the performance he had during Music Man concert was not enough (for me) coz they lasted only about 4 minutes ++ or so....

I am not sure the event started at what time and what is it about actually. Saw in Pinkies World that Danell's slot would be at 4.30pm, so I went there at only 4.00pm. ^^

Waited for about half an hour but then the person that appear was not Danell, but some local band call Manhand that consists of 4 guys and a girl. Their performance were not bad... Rapping + Hip Hop kinda thing... Didn't pay much attention to them actually, but overall they did a good job. After their performance, then followed by another appearance of another singer... which I'm not sure what his name was. But apparently, he's one of the finalist from Astro Talent Quest from... er... dunno which year. LOL. There, my total ignorance of our local music industry (except for Danell Lee of course!) *faint*

Saat-saat yang saya nantikan sudah tiba! Saw a few familiar faces from Pinkies but I'm not sure who they were and what's their names, so just stood aside and waited for Danell patiently. ^^

The guy wore a bright yellow shirt and wore a matching yellow watch!

Danell performed a total of 3 songs: Fei/ Mimpi, You Ji (Organic Love) and Angels by Robbie Williams. I've always liked this song, now that Danell sung again, I lagi suka lor... ^^

Can't get enough of his appearance still!

But alas, I had a great time when Danell performs on the stage although I was NOT at the very front of the crowd!

Cheers! ^^

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