Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Like the year before, I will dedicate an entry for Mr Wang on his birthday. This year, we did not do anything special on this very day. No celebration or gatherings organised by the fans club but I did went out with my Hommies for some karaoke session. ^^

I was so tired by the time I reached home in the evening.... The first I did was to check on FB see whether Leehom has left any message on his page, and indeed he did! LOL...

So, when I saw that, I replied that straightaway..

Then I proceed to his fans page and wrote another message on his wall... I doubt he'll read them one by one... But I still wanna post that up...

It says:


Happy Birthday to you! Selamat Hari Jadi... Take care always.. Cheers! ^^

Lee Hoon
(HOManias Malaysia)

I know... you sure think I'm a bit 38... But once a year, it's alright to be 38 I guess...

One last pic of the his profile picture taken from his facebook page....

Eating his own name?

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