Saturday, May 9, 2009

Autographed Book

Got my World Vision Leehom Laos Trip Commemorative Book autographed by Leehom yesterday!! He was still in town after his Music Man Concert in Bukit Jalil last Saturday. Hhmm, actually he left Malaysia already and then came over to KL again last few days and finally left KL again yesterday afternoon.

His purpose to coming down to town was to shoot a commercial as I know. I was quite happy coz finally can have the book(s) autographed coz the rest of them got theirs signed already. So, left my books not yet been autographed only. Now, one of my many many many wishes fulfilled!

Oh ya, actually we wanted to have a group picture with him but his assistant said NO. Then, we asked him whether can we have his signatures instead... He agreed immediately! We were overjoyed and terus pass him a few things for him to sign, sign, and sign! ho ho ho

Some of the screen shots from the video that PF took... =)

Leehom signing our books before going down to the departure gate in KLIA

Looking back...

Bid us Goodbye! *happy*

Til we meet again the next time!!!!!

Getting his passport checked at the immigression

A picture of him before he was out of our sight. ^^

and lastly...... another picture of my newly signed World Vision Leehom Laos Trip Commemorative Book! ^^




bloodbubble said...

wow Lee Hoon u so lucky! I didn't expect MM to return to KL so soon after the concert hehe

Andrew Tang said...

wei, why didnt get any signature for me? T_T

sunset2712 said...

Ling, yeah we were surprised also!

Wei andrew, you want his signature for what? hahahah said...

hey! his specs are so CLARK KENT:-) it's brownish lens right?

sunset2712 said...

LOL.. Zel, now that u said so, I've only realised it does look like clark kent's onessss..