Monday, April 13, 2009

Tenji Japanese Buffet

Finally, have been to the famous Tenji Japanese Buffet at Solaris Mont Kiara. There were so many people that mentioned about this new 'hit' Japanese Buffet and I was in full anticipation before going there to have a try myself. This was my first time stepping my foot on Solaris as well.. ^^

I don't know the way there (expected-lah), so just follow friends car there. The feeling was so nice coz whenever I want to travel from one place to another in UK, I would have to either take the public transport or by car number 11. *sigh* This time, got people fetch, so it's good for a start. LOL

Solaris Mont Kiara is a very nice place. The price of the residential area must be rocket high I reckoned. Now, back to Tenji. The setting of the place is nice outdoor. Indoor was not bad as well, but somehow it does gives me a feeling that I was at some school canteen, I don't even know why. hehehehe...

The food being offered was good for me, but my friends said that Saisaki was better coz there are more varieties to be chosen from.

I had endless flow of the young coconut drink there! Must've taken 5 or 6 bijis if I'm not mistaken. We ordered some food to be shared and I personally like the mixed mushrooms and steamed cod to bits!

Mixed mushrooms

Steamed Cod. I lurve lurve lurve this fish!!!!!

There are quite a number of food to be ordered and cooked for you on the spot. I didn't manage to capture all of the food that we ordered, but they included bamboo clam, lamb, prawns, tempuras etc etc etc....

Bamboo clams

Variaties of mushrooms, abalone and broccoli

Chocolate fountain; grapes and strawberries... =) Yum

I had quite a few rounds of food this time... hahaha stuffed myself secukup-cukupnya!! Maklumlah, so long didnt have Japanese Buffet already. LOL

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5 - dessert time

Desserts were not so good although they serve Haagen Dazs ice creams. I had the rum 'n' raisin one, and it was too soft as it melts easily. Not good.... The cream was like dripping all over my hand coz I had cone instead of the sundae one. After ice cream I had 3 more varieties of cakes and a chocolate ball. It was not good as well, maybe for the exception on marble cheese cake. The rest were too dry and macam put there on display for like forever edi!

I was so so so full up until my throat after the meal. So, we went out and took some pictures. ^^

Us at Tenji Solaris

+ 2 more additionals...

More food pics coming up... ho ho ho


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