Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sticky Sticky

Wah seh, it's been 24 hours since I reached home., and I have mandi for a total of 4 times edi! Went out in the morning to have breakfast, come back have a quick shower, then off I go to few banks to settle some stuff, went out to have lunch, come back take a shower again. The weather is so freaking hot today!!

I have stocked up my sharing of Ais Krim Potongssssssss and cold cOLd CoLd drinks.... Had some very good food again at my first half of the day! ^^ Am having a headache now. Only had 3 hours sleep yesterday night and then my dad woke up me at 8 in the morning! -______- Feel like going back to sleep in a while more. Will see what plan I have after this.

Feel like going to too AEON Shopping Mall later in the evening after the sun has set. Missed the Big Apple Donuts offered there! hahahaha....

I want to go there to get myself some sandals and heels as well. Gosh, my dad has threwn most of my heels away edi. He said most of them looked very old edi, and it take up a lot of the shoe shelf space. Akibatnya, dalam tong sampah they went in the end.!! -_______- So so so, need to buy a few more sandals.... LOL

OK-lah, I felt like taking a nap now. TTFN

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