Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sheffield - Manchester - KLIA journey

Hello hello, I have just finished unpacking my luggage after Lili went back from my place. Spend more than half a day in the plane watching some old movies (Mrs Doubtfire, Yes Man, The Luckiest Man, Marley and Me, Bedtime Stories, and one episode of Friends sitcom).

I bought this cute lil Forever Friends Passport holder a few weeks ago and today finally 'open ceremony' for it! ^^

Lee Cheah sent me off from Sheffield Train station early in the morning and then she went back home after that to sleep.... so darn gam dong lor me! hahahaha.... The journey to Manchester Airport was good, been listening to Hins Cheung's songs repeatedly for more than an hour.

Way to Terminal 2

I need to check in at Terminal 2, so have to walk quite a distance before reaching my destination. My luggage was sooo heavy! Hand carry exceed 5 kgs, check-in luggage also exceed 5 kgs. I was so worried that I would be penalised for the excess baggage, but luckily the lady was very kind; just let me go. Emirates Airline rocks!! ^^

My flight's at 2.05pm and once it depart, we were being served a drink each. Then followed by lunch. This is what I had... and who said cabin food aren't edible? lol....

Appetiser: Prawn cocktail + fresh salmon, seasonal salad served with herb and cream dressing
Main: Grilled chicken with some yummy cream sauce, with mashed pumpkin & potato
Dessert: Chocolate & Praline mousse, cheese and biscuits

My lunch

Stopped by Dubai for transit. Waited for almost 3 hours. I have nothing to do, no one to called to, so I just sat at one corner and read some magazines I took in Manchester complimentary of Emirates. At one point I felt so thirsty and Startbucks was just not far away, so I decided to go and get myself a frap.

Can you guess what is it? hahaha... Java Chip lor. Favourite!

The flight back to KL from Dubai was a lot more comfortable coz the seats beside me was vacant. But it was a lil bit unpleasant coz I was feeling thirsty half the time, and I had to contantly asked the stewardess for more drinking water and had to go to the loo for few times. hahaha...


See the clouds.... macam cotton candy!

Had an early breakfast, so did not have the appetite to finish them all... I just had the croissant and main, and skipped the rest.

My breakfast

Herb cream egg roll served with hash brown-liked sticks, spinach and corn.

After what seems like ages to me, (it's just 6 hours 50 minutes in precise), I can finally see, smell and feel the heat of Malaysian soil...

Not a bad view, eh?

The plane landed safely and I am glad to be home! (although it's just for a month).

p/s: Various local food pics will be posted from tomorrow onwards. Stay tuned my dear friends in UK. ^^

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