Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oxfordshire and Birmingham

Had a super duper lovely Tuesday with a bunch of super duper fun friends shopping in Bicester Village and dining at Birmingham's best Malaysian restaurant. =)

We went there by car (2 cars = 9 person). The 3 hours journey to the place was well worth it! Coz I was not the one driving... ho ho ho....

Frankly, Bicester Village is not as fun as Cheshire Oaks in Liverpool because I think the brands offered at this places are more high end. Brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Paul Smith are all in the shopping village. The feeling when walking on the along the street does feel good, at least I know I won't be spending too much compared to the Guilt Free Shopping at Cheshire Oaks... hehehe...

I had a great time window shopping as well as doing some shopping (a bit only ok). BUT each of us buy a bit, a bit, then it accumulated to become a lot in the end!

I really can't resist the DKNY store there. One of them bought a bag there and when I saw it, I felt like having it as well... hahaha....

Me having a look at the Jessie's newly bought bag.

Then I went into the store, and get a bag for myself as well. ho ho ho... 20 quid; was a R.e.A.L bargain ok! ^^

A drink at Starbucks Coffee. I had the usual Java Chip frap. =)

We spend about 6 hours or so in the place and all of us were practically starving already. Starbucks we had a while ago doesn't count coz we did not have a proper meal for the day. So, off we went to Birmingham for some real good Malaysian food. The journey from Bicester Village to our next destination is slightly more than an hour.

Myself, and a carboot of goodies we 'acquired' from Bicester Village.

Reached Birmingham. Went to Malaysian Delight for dinner. Seriously, the meal were kinda good actually. 9 of us ordered a total of 10 dishes. hahahaha... Maklumlah, the majority of us dah sekian lama tak dapat makan makanan ala kampung halaman.

Rachel, Chai Ling, Money, Veron, Jessie

Jessie (again), Ching, Fei Zai, Me, Lee Cheah

Food pics ahead: These are what we had. *salivate*

Roast duck.

Some fatty meat in claypot.

Super spicy Rendang Beef

Hokkien Mee

My favourite, "Kam Hiong Kai". Chicken with curry leaves & chilli dried shrimps... Super fragrant

Homemade beancurd.

Kangkung belacan

Buttered King Prawns. With shell on! =)

Assam Laksa. yum!

Claypot Chicken Rice

After our dinner, we headed back to Sheffield and stopped by Asda for some groceries shopping.

After Asda, we went to Tesco to get some booze. Between beer and water, beer's much more cheaper.... Kami pun sapu satu trolley (almost) back lor... Actually cannot say 'kami', coz I was not included in the drinking game. ho ho ho....

Us at Tesco

Car Boot No. 1

Car Boot No. 2

After that, FZ dropped me off at my place... Then something really annoying happened. My mood terus changed... From a darn jolly good one, to a darn geram one. -________-

But at the end of the day, I was still really happy.


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