Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Nail Parlour

The motto for this manicure and pedicure service I went today was:

..... where hand and foot care is an experience!

We need to pamper ourselves once in a while, so today myself and LLL went over to The Nail Parlour at AEON Shopping Mall Bukit Tinggi to have our nails done. I only did pedicure coz it was quite costly for me. RM 40 + additional RM 10 for some additional treatment to my toe nails.

I liked this place coz it was in bright pink. It makes people feel more happy looking at the bright and happy colour (except maybe for PINK colour haters).... After our nails has been taken care off, I told my friend that I wanted to buy a pair of heels coz most of my heels went missing already. Dad throw them away coz they were sitting around in the house, in the shoe cupboard, and left unworn +not taken care of. From a pair of heels, I can't control myself and bought another two additional pairs.... *sigh*... Can't blame me coz what I mostly wore for the past one and a half year was SHOEs only... Sneakers la, walking/jogging shoes la, pokoknya all of them has gotten my toes covered most of the time. LOL

3 pairs... If possible, I think I will get more.. But bcoz of financial contraint, need to filter an few and buy these 3 pairs... hehehe.

One last pic of me (my feet), and my newly bought RED not-so-high heels + my PINK toe nails... ho ho ho... =)


Felisha J. Kim said...

They do nails nice, but whenever i go there I don't get the friendly welcoming feeling! Why is that Suki *manicurist* is so arrogant and had to offend me? Please go and check out my blog and hear me out.

I just cannot forgive her for mocking me!

Thanks for reading!
Please share my story! I'm so angry!

Anonymous said...

yes i really agree...not only that they love to taking their own sweet time ( Branch In Empire Mall). The Manicurist who did for me, she said she is new and but when ask her how long she working? she said 3 month...Oh my god cant you master anything in 3 months?? if she handle 5 customer a day within a month she can be pro! she scratched my toe..
i really felt such a poor customer services...and its ridiculous and totally unsatisfied...

Anonymous said...

ive try it,its my first time also..but at The mines..the manicurist there is sooo nice and welcoming..maybe it just the matter of place and luck i guess..i cant wait to go there and have my nails done for this week!!i hope they have membership,and member can go have mani pedi for cheaper price..cuz..i go there often..rite??

Flalian said...
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