Thursday, April 2, 2009

Midnight Meeting

Got this from my 'lovely' housemate....

It says:

Midnite Meeting

Midnite meeting is healthy,
It is fun and happy,
I understand completely,
In case we didn't realise lately,
Very noisy, til 2 a.m already,
We drive our neighbour crazy,
So, let's show some spirit of harmony,
Tune it down immediately,


Hey, it even rhymes... I wonder how long it took her to compose this beautiful piece.

I don't know when we got this poem from our 'lovely' housemate, but it's such a waste she's not a poet. Such a waste, what a waste... sigh sigh sigh x 1,000,000.

Our life are depending on laughter and gatherings; otherwise it would be totally lifeless here. Once in a while, after working and we have a chat pun tak boleh? Ok-lah, you may say I am not considerate; I totally agree too... BUT it is not that WE DO IT everyday, right?

Too bad most contracts for other rented house nearby doesn't starts til July. July comes, I'll get out of this house as fast as I can!! In the mean time, need to sabar a while more. I feel like as though I was back to primary school. Maybe, we were.... @.@

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