Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Went to Sime Darby Medical Centre for my leg check-up today. I've encountered some very severe pain at my feet when either I walk too much at a time, or walk too quick. Reached Subang at about 8.30 and made a registration at the counter and the nurse asked me to wait until 9.30 to see the orthopaedic consultant for consultancy.

So, my sis and I went to have our breakfast at the ground floor and we waited and waited til about 10.20am when it was my turn for the consultancy. Finally!! Went into the room for about 5 minutes or so only and the doctor has already identified what's wrong with my leg. Apparently, I've had not only one, but TWO broken ligaments (out of THREE) on my left foot.

What's a ligament? I don't know so the doctor explained to me... and I further Wikipedia them...

It's basically a short band of tough fibrous dense regular connective tissue composed mainly of long, stringy collagen fibers. Ligaments connect bones to other bones to form a joint. (They do not connect muscles to bones; that is the function of tendons.) Some ligaments limit the mobility of articulations, or prevent certain movement altogether.

Ligaments are only elastic; when under tension, they gradually lengthen. (Unlike tendons which are inelastic) This is one reason why dislocated joints must be set as quickly as possible: if the ligaments lengthen too much, then the joint will be weakened, becoming prone to future dislocation.

So, what's the consequences of all these broken ligaments for me? *sigh* He advised me not to wear heels anymore. So sad lor... I'm already short enough and I like wearing heels, not all the time, but most of the times when I feel like it. High heels makes someone as short as me look a bit tall mah.... sighhhhhhhhhh.......... So, from now onwards need to walk in flats, or something that makes me walk comfortably... =P

Then, the doctor sent me to the rehabilitative department to have a physiotherapy session. Did some exercises to strengthen the muscles on my left foot and then the nurse asked me to proceed to take some prescription and most importantly, to the cashier... to pay... -___-

I got a shock when my bill came up to RM250.00! Didn't know consultancy fees are that expensive coz I've never really paid for a medical bill on my own before this. Dunno to feel sad or proud? LOL.

OK-larh, need to sign off and sleep now.



bloodbubble said...

u got broken ligaments from wearing high heels?? Are your heels really high?

sunset2712 said...

erm..not really. it's bcoz of the occasional fall due to my clumsiness... fall from the stairs, sprained my ankle.. etc etc