Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ipoh Trip

Had a great time during my Makan-makan ekspedisi to Ipoh last week! I was in KL and stayed a night in Mont Kiara over at Teng's sis place before heading to the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia!

I've had a gathering with some of my friends whom I knew in Sheffield and thank goodness for it coz I started off the day with taking a picture of Lee Hom & I in front of an optical shop in KLCC.

I've suggested we have our dinner at Madam Kwan's coz I missed their Nasi Lemak and Nasi Bojari terribly! I was undecisive on whether to order which but in the end I ordered Nasi Bojari! hehehe

Madam's tri-coloured rice with prawns, deep fried chicken drumstick and beef rendang (RM 21.50)

I was very very touched when Teng baked a cake for me and we had it after our meal at Madam Kwans. We were practically stuffed to our throat by the end of the meal but then all of us were very happy to have the chocolate cake as our dessert. ^^

Thanks x 1000, Hilary! ^^

As usual, we will have lots of photo capturing after our meal. ^^

Dominic, Oliver, Leonard, Pei Pei, Lee Hoon & Teng (not in pic: Bryan & Chun)

We call it a night after our dinner coz most of them would have to wake up very early the next morning ---- to work.

I followed Teng back to Ipoh the next afternoon and my makan-makan trip officially started the minute I reached the place! ho ho ho...

The first place that Uncle took us to was Chinese hawkers establish below some really big trees called 大树脚 [dai shu keok; literally means 'under the big tree' in Cantonese. Although the weather was not that hot that day, I still opt for the Mixed fruits ice blended at the stall that served drinks coz the first time I went there, I had the same thing as well.. ^^

Mixed fruits Ice Blended

After we ordered the drinks, myself and Teng immediately stood up and went to the stall that sells yong tau fu. I've had yong tau fus at various stalls before, but nothing beats the one here! The ingredients and everything were served fresh from the wok and I instantly fell in love with the food there! =)

We ordered a lot of fried stuff and my personal favourite were the 沙葛 (sa gok) and fried wantons.

We then went back to Teng's place in Bercham and rested at the comfort of her home while watching "Emergency Unit" [HK drama] til dinner time. We went out for my second meal in Ipoh at about half past 7 and managed to capture a very nice coloured sky on our way to the next makan place. =)

Initially she wanted to bring me to have dinner at dunno where, but then coincidently the place was close for the day and we went over to Pasir Pinji to have some more kueh tiaw and even more local delicacies!

We had to travel for about 20 minutes to get to Pasir Pinji and if you are not from Ipoh, I doubt you'll be able to find the restaurant during your first attempt. LOL. The place we went was a lil bit isolated actually. Eventhough the place is considered as 'sang ka la' to me, but the restaurant had been featured in the newspaper for their famous pork knuckles and chicken feet a.k.a 大细脚!

We ordered the 大细脚, accompanied with more sides such as braised beancurd, big fat beansprouts and kueh tiaw soup!

大细脚 + Beancurd at Jalan Sekolah, Pasir Pinji

Beansprouts - short, fat and juicy!

Kueh Tiaw, two options to choose from.... The soup or the soya sauce wan... So nice, I likeeeeeeee!

Two very satisfying meals in a day and we went back home feeling full full full!!!!!!

The following morning, we had our breakfast at Kedai Kopi C.T in Ipoh Oldtown. Teng's uncle said that this place is famous for it's Beef meatballs and the [Egg in Tea]. Don't be mistaken them with Tea Egg, coz they are two very different things! LOL

Beef meatballs...

I am not so into this beef balls thingy. If you're into ginger, you'll love it to bits. I felt that the taste of ginger were too strong here.

Had this for the first time and I liked it very much! It is like herbal tea and there's an hard boiled egg in 'soup'. Very refreshing!

I don't really have any place to go in Ipoh coz I've been to this place for more than a dozen times already. My main purpose for a visit here is to have more time spent with Teng and also eating all the good food being offered in Ipoh! So, after we had our breakfast, we went for a facial session and we spent about 3 hours at the centre. ^^

You know what activities we did after that? hhmm.....

Of course cari makan again lor! [it's past lunch time already actually]

So, Teng us to Bercham 为食街 for some very nice Chee Cheong Fun. It's just some typical hawker stall by the road side and I lurve it to bits too.

This was my first time having my Chee Cheong Fun in a different way compared to the normal sweet and sticky sauce I had before this. Teng called them the Ipoh-styled CCF! hahaha...

Curry Chee Cheong Fun drenched with aromatic flavoured curry sauce, topped with fried shallots and sesame seeds...

Apart from that, we also ordered some bobochacha, fried wantons and Taiwan sausages to be eaten with the CCF. Teng said she can make better desserts [bobochacha] and I couldn't agree more with her statement. ^^

Nah, our lunch.... =)

The both of us felt kinda lazy and have no idea on where to go so we headed back to her home and continue watching the drama that we've been watching/chasing during the past day. I've msg-ed Lynne the night before and we have decided to meet up over dinner time at 1919 Restaurant & Gallery.

I enjoyed dining at 1919 coz it was air-conditioned! So no more sweating like a pig while having my meal. But hey, I'm not complaining about sweating so much if there's none aircond around coz every makan places are different, right? ^^

There were only 3 of us and we actually ordered 4 dishes and also managed to finished eating them too!! LOL.

Sliced fish fillet in ginger and spring onion + wine....

Peppermint prawns.... My favourite and also my first time having prawns cooked with peppermint. Have to go there again for this!

Yam basket kerapu style. I've longed to have this for a long long long time. Finally!

The smile of satisfaction after a good meal!

The pricing for dinner was very reasonable considering what we ordered consists of seafood and also the quality of the food was great as well... Will sure to drop by this wonderful restaurant the next time just for the prawns... ho ho ho

After dinner, we went over to Jusco which is just nearby. All the food intake needs digestion, so we went over there to jalan-jalan a bit and then talk talk a bit too... ^^ It was almost 10 when we left the mall and headed back home again to continue with our drama chasing while waiting for the clock to strike 12 when we need to go out to pick up Teng's friend from the train station.

After we came back from the train station, our drama marathon begin until 5 in the morning! We only managed to catch 3 hours of sleep coz I needed to be back to Klang by 4 in the evening. We went over to the bus station to buy the ticket back to Klang and then only breakfast time!

Teng brought me over to the famous Thean Chun coffee shop for the hawker stall that served good economical Ipoh food! This is another place where it had been featured in the newspaper not once, but twice!

Thean Chun coffee shop's famous for its Caramel custard and also the 'newspaper featured' Ipoh sar hor fun... Without a second hesitation, we ordered them and I thought they were great!

To-die-for caramel custard! The smooth and fragrant custard was amazingly good....

and and and.....

Ipoh sar hor fun garnished with chicken meat, prawn and sprinkling of spring onions

See, see, see... the food intake I had during my less than 48 hours in Ipoh. Luckily I was not born and bred in Ipoh, or else... I would grow horizontally as days goes by, considering my love and the low resistant of food I have! LOL....

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