Friday, April 24, 2009


I was feeling rather ashamed of our Malaysian police force when I was approached by a Singaporean tourist yesterday. He got his pouch (where all his belongings were kept) snatched from a snatch thief and then he went and lodge a police report but our ever so 'helpful' polis diraja was proven being so inconsiderate and useless in this case.

Ok, back to my story... I was waiting at KL Sentral's LRT station when a person approached me and ask for the direction from Ampang Park to Singapore High Comm. I am not sure of where's where in KL so I didn't help much. This person looked kinda anxious and nervous so I asked is anything wrong with him? Then he told me what had happened the night before when his belongings was stolen and he went to the police and made a report. Then... he idiotic police ask for RM4 (or more I can't rememberthe amount) for the fee when he lodge the report. People's belonging kena snatched and there were no money or coins in his pocket, how on earth would the victim pay for it, right? He told the police about the incident and guess that the police replied him? "You're careless"... OMG OMG, how can a police said that to citizen?!!! They should be a role model and not the ones citizens despise lor! Just imagine how the victim will feel? First, your things got snatched, the feeling of the person will be bad enough, when the person went to the police and needed some help, then kena pijak lagi from the useless police.... That feeling must be like shit I guess!

I went back and told this to my mum, she said this is the way of dealing with issues from the Malaysian police. They are already fat enough, dahlah fat somemore so lazy and inefficient and doesn't even bring their brain to work... *sigh* Then she said there are a lot of crimes lurking everwhere...Really felt unsafe as I was out alone even in areas where there are a lot of people around. Take Sheffield for instance, I can walk on the streets without much fear of being a victim of robbery or snatch thief. Here in Malaysia, don't even dream of having a safe time where ever you are..


bloodbubble said...
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bloodbubble said...

U know what? I 've heard of stories bout how some of these so called 'victims' are actually con artists!! Just be extra careful. Such is the sad state of what KL has become

sunset2712 said...

Wow, i didn't think of it in a diff perspective here. But from his expression I don't think he looked like a conman... But I'll be extra careful though. Tks!

bloodbubble said...

I think Jessie encountered someone who also claimed he got his passport stolen or something like that. She saw the very same guy a few days later telling the same story to someone else