Monday, April 20, 2009

Hins. Moving. Magical Concert 2009

張敬軒 《軒.動。魔法演唱會》
Hins Cheung [Hins. Moving. Magical Concert]

Date: 18th April 2009
Time: 8.30 - 11.00pm
Venue: Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Had a magical time when I attended Hins Cheung's concert in Genting last Saturday night. This was the first ever concert Hins has ever held in Malaysia as previously he only had some showcase and album promo or other promotional events in Malaysia. I was quite worried when I read a news on him where he was overly stressed and lose quite a lot of weight because of the tension he had given himself.

I seldom visit Genting Highlands as I thought there was nothing much to shout about at this "City of Entertainment". Whenever I went up to Genting, it would be for some artists... LOL. The previous time I paid a visit here was about 2 years back for Danson's promo and before that was for Lee Hom's "Shangrila Concert". Phew, that was like way back in 2005!

I have booked 2 seats for the concert - one for me, and another one for my one of my best friend, Lili. We went for the VIP seating, but apparently the so-called VIP seat was very lousy as well. They should have changed the chairs long long time ago. They looked as though it was being seated for more than a decade ago. -___- Chairs lousy is one thing, the other thing that anger me was the two TALL guys seated two rows in front of me! I would have a pretty clear view of Hins if the two guys are a lil bit shorter... But I can't really complain much also larh, we were pretty near to the stage also actually. ^^

The concert was scheduled to begin at 8.00pm, but it didn't start until 8.30pm. Expected-larh... Malaysian time... We need to push forward at least half an hour of everything 'scheduled'. Both myself and Lili was crazily excited when Hins came out to sing the first song. Though this was his first ever live performance in Arena of Stars, and the crowd were not cheering as lous as they suppose to be, I had enjoyed every moment throughout the 2 and a half hours concert.

After singing for about 6 or 7 ballads, Hins proceed to show off his talent of playing the keyboard while singing at the same time. I particularly love him when he sang 過雲雨. I sang along too when performed this song coz I can't sing cantonese songs, so when he performed a mandarin song, I felt much more overjoyed! hahaha...

He treat himself to enough H2O during the concert in order to preventing himself from cracking voice. hehehe...

There were no guest artists this time around and I am glad for that coz my sole purpose was to watch him perform and not somebody else where I have no interest in, unless they are by the name of Daniel Lee or Wang Lee Hom. hahaha... Instead we were being shown a clip edited by Hins himself for his contribution and trip for World Vision. He is one of the many artist that took part in this organisation by helping global movement against hunger and poverty. He also urges all of us to participate and to make a difference to the world. I was particularly touched by that... Aww....

Hins changed to his second set of costume for the night after an hour performing some really great songs to the Malaysian crowd. There were a few fans that present him bouquet after bouquet of flowers and he particularly thanked 3 fans during the concert. If I was one of them, sure cannot sleep that night because were toooooo happy edi. LOL.

After singing more songs including songs like
童話 (Guang Liang), 勇气 (Fish Leong), and 当你孤单你会想起谁 (Nicholas teo) by various singers, there we more interactions with the audience. Hins spoke in both Cantonese and Mandarin, and also some Bahasa Malaysia such as Terima kasih and Selamat Datang to us! He thanked the audience especially his fans that flew over to Malaysia from other countries to support him.

When he introduced his band, we knew it was the time for parting again. Hins then went back to the backstage and re-appeared again to sing after the crowd was calling him back repeatedly. He sang "My Way" and more encore pieces and the concert came to an end, or I thought so. When most of the audience was walking out from the Arena, and the fans from his Fans Club were busy having a chat with each other, Hins came out once again to sing a part of his song "Blessing".

The concert were superb! This was the first time I watch him perform so many songs in a row and it was definitely worth it! I was a bit disappointed he did not sing a few songs that I expected him to sing such as 明瞭 and 我的天. But all in all, Hins sounded great in a live performance and I am looking forward for his return in the future!


bloodbubble said...

nice pics u got !

K.C said...

i like hins also.. those photo u took were so nice.. seeing those video & photo makes me happy & memorable to hins concert..
thanks for sharing the video on you tube.(^o^)

sunset2712 said...

Ling, Thanks!

K.C., you're welcome!! =D