Monday, April 13, 2009


Alrite, as I planned earlier, I will post a picture (or picturesssss) of the food I had during my one month at home. So, here are they...

Day 2
Breakfast @ Taman Sentosa's Kim Hock Restaurant for Bah Kut Teh
Come back Klang of course the first thing is to eat Bah Kut Teh, right? ^^

Chinese Tea

Fragrant rice + fried shallots... Even the rice itself are Ichiban edi!

Claypot Bah Kut Teh... SUper duper delicious... Tasting the same ole taste like I do one year plus ago. =)

Dad went next door economy rice shop to get me some of these....

Then 2 minutes later, Mum also went to the same shop and get me these.... They thought I was a PIG u see... hahahah

Went to Centro to find my sister to have lunch with her. I was craving for 3JC's noodle and the specialty meatballs... So, I suggested we go for that

The Menu

My lunch, it may not looked that appetising, but I swear it is so darn good!

Tea Time
Cannot tahan the heatiness, so went out to Taman Sentosa again to have some Yo-yo ice

Only RM 1.60!! Bobocacar and Assam Boi flavour

Tau Foo Fah RM 1.20. One with normal sugar, one with brown sugar. I prefer the brown sugar more

Had dinner at home. Mum was tired, but she still cook a few simple dishes for me. ^^

Black Soya Sauce Meat

My favourite telur mata kerbau... hahaha. I requested for this

Slow cook Chicken soup again. It's different from the previous day wan. ^^

Day 3 to be continued later... =)
Think I will update 5 entries for today.


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