Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Westlife's Ireland

Hullo hullo....

In a few hours time, my group of friends and I will be leaving for Ireland; the home country of Westlife...

*drool drool droooollll*

We're going to Dublin; the hometown of Nicky Byrne (from Westlife of course, duh!) !!!

Today's very windy, and for the coming few days will be too.... Just pray hard it won't pour super heavy rain... *fingers crossed*

We'll be leaving Sheffield at 0240 later and will head to East Midland airport.... then fly to the Irish land, then drink their Iris coffee, Irish beer Guinness Guinness, mm-mmmmmmm...........

I have yet to pack my luggage yet... Will pack my stuff after this. Ciaoz... =)

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