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Proud of Lee Hom

Came across this article a while ago and felt like posting it here. =) It's very very long..... But still, it's a good read. Whatever that's related to Lee Hom will be a good read to me. ho ho ho....

*drools* first... He said he ate a lot, and also worked out at the gym to looked more well built... By May during his Music-Man Concert, we'll definitely see a very different him. Remembered during his Heroes Of Earth concert in Singapore he lose quite a lot of weight after filming Lust, Caution.

Jackie Chan & Leehom Wang

Leehom Wang is not an unfamiliar name to many people throughout Southeast Asia. He was born in America and exhibited an exceptionally high standard of musical talent ever since he was a young boy. He grew up in a free and happy learning environment that was like a gift from nature, and progressively developed his musical abilities. He is a Chinese pop musician, a record producer, a singer, and an excellent actor.

Jackie once talked about Leehom in his diary and said that the gods above were very unfair because they gave Leehom more than his fair share of blessings. Not only is Leehom Wang handsome, tall, and well built, he can also sing, compose songs, arrange music, write lyrics, and play many different types of instruments. Furthermore, he practices kung fu and can speak fluent English and Mandarin. The Leehom Wang that Jackie speaks of is the very rare kind of guy who not only looks great on the outside but also has the skills and artistic talent of a quality musician. Recently he’s been taking part in Jackie’s new movie, Dabing Xiaojiang (tentative English title: Big Soldier), acting as a young soldier. This is his first time cooperating with Jackie. Here's what Leehom had to say:

Hello friends and fans of Jackie Chan! I’m Leehom Wang. First of all, I think Jackie speaks too highly of me. I honestly don’t deserve it. Receiving this kind of praise from Jackie truly humbles me. I dare not say that I’m proud of myself. Instead, I push myself to try even harder. I don’t want to disappoint the people who support me and appreciate my work.

I’ve actually known Jackie for over ten years already. Even before I started working with Jackie, I’ve always thought of him as a really nice person, very friendly and very interesting. He’s the type who loves bustle and excitement, and he really likes to meet new friends. Now that I’m working with him on a movie, I’ve actually seen another side of Jackie. When we’re filming, he’s very solemn and serious, and he brings together acting, directing, action choreography, cinematography, and many other skills into one body. I’m not saying that he’s taking on all the different responsibilities, but when he’s on the set shooting the movie he often makes constructive suggestions to the director and cinematographer for them to consider. He also puts together some action sequences with his JC stunt team, and he’s an actor. Apart from this, he’s also concerned for and takes good care of other actors and crew members. I guess you can say that he’s an all around multi-talented film maker. His knowledge of film is extremely comprehensive. Before I started working with Jackie, I never imagined him to be such a well-rounded person. Now, I have truly met the Dai Goh (big brother) of film making; a talented person with a vast knowledge about film.

While working with Jackie, I have learned teamwork. Normally, we music makers spend a lot of our time fighting a lonely battle. We lock ourselves away to write a piece of music or to find inspiration; we go to the recording studio and work on some musical arrangements. I guess you can call it as working behind closed doors. There are very few opportunities to work with a lot of other people. But making a movie is totally different because there are always groups of people involved, sometimes there are several hundred people working together. Getting so many people to work together requires everyone to be united so we can double our results using half the effort and things can be done more efficiently. Jackie is the type of person who can take up the role as a leader, uniting the whole of the production team, connecting everyone with a common goal, working as a group towards making a good movie, and encouraging everyone to do the best at their jobs. I saw how Jackie acted like a leader; I thought he was great and I felt very touched because I could sense that Jackie was willing to teach and share his knowledge. He knew that I was a junior and he took good care of me. He taught me a lot of things about film making and he shared many of his experiences.

Previously I’ve cooperate with director Ang Lee, now I’m working with Jackie. They’re both totally different from one another and they each have their own style. Ang Lee is the academic type; the people working around him are usually graduates from well known universities. Some even have a PhD degree. Jackie is the well-rounded type and most of the people working around him are able to speak many different languages, sing, dance, act, and perform action sequences. I guess you can say that they’re multi-talented people. I think I’m very lucky because I’ve had the opportunity to cooperate with two of the greatest and most popular people around. Furthermore, they are both my idols whom I admire. I am so lucky to be able to work with these two great masters.

So, I’ve learned how to be united. Hopefully in the future within my company, whether we’re making music, holding a concert, or working with different musicians and artists from other regions, we’re all united together as one. With cooperation, we can do things better and make things more outstanding. I think that in the entertainment industry, there are a lot of visible and invisible things that happen around us, such as competitiveness and comparisons. I’ve always hoped for more collaboration between artists and musicians. Making music is something that is recognized internationally because music is an international language. Music is a tool that quickly shortens the distance between different people. In my latest album, I asked Jane Zhang Liangying, a female singer from China, to sing a duet with me. Because of the current situation between China and Taiwan, there are very few opportunities where Chinese and Taiwanese artists can sing together. Of course, I hope that the relationship between China and Taiwan improves over time. Music can be used to assist the process in a good way; it’s a very good medium for cultural exchange. This year, China and Taiwan have had a lot of changes including the three direct links policy. This type of cultural exchange will definitely make some good progress.

Apart from being my first time cooperating with Jackie, it is also my first time making a film wearing ancient costumes, and it’s my first time wearing a wig. It’s a very novel and strange feeling. I’ve also noticed that the appearance, manner, speech, and expressions of a person from the ancient period are different from those in the modern day. The director gave me a lot of homework to study and research for the part. I want to do a good job of portraying this character and I ate a lot of things, worked out at the gym, and put on a lot of weight because the director wanted me to look stronger and slightly more well built.

The character I play in Dabing Xiaojiang (Big Soldier) is a little different from the Leehom Wang you usually see. This is a breakthrough, and for me it’s a challenge. I think it’s very exciting and fun. Each day after work, I have dinner together with Jackie and we always talk about the scenes in the movie. We discuss and exchange our ideas, stirring up some chemical reactions and creating a few sparks here and there.

Recently, the Chinese Government gave Jackie a patriotic song to sing; the song is called “Country.” I was the producer and Lang Lang played the piano. Although Jackie frequently says that he doesn’t consider himself a professional singer and that he just likes to sing songs, after cooperating with him I think that he has the natural feel for music. Even though he’s never studied music before, he has the artistic talent for music. I hope in the future, I’ll have more opportunities to work with Jackie in this area. And I also hope that everyone will enjoy the movie when Dabing Xiaojiang (Big Soldier) starts showing in the theatres. Thank you!

-said/written by Lee Hom-

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