Monday, March 16, 2009

One day in Manchester

Went to Manchester to meet up with Tracey yesterday. I got to know this young lady from Homaniacs during Lee Hom's concert in Singapore back in 2006 and have lost in touch with her since. But then recently we have kept back in touch and decided to meet up coz she will be here and Sheffield is not faraway from Manchester as well. hehehe... I was suppose to go alone but then in the end, Yanna agreed to accompany me there (So that I won't be so sien on the way there). ^^ Err, the main purpose of me going there is to, well, visit my friend which stopped by the city for a day and she'll fly off to another destination the next morning (I'm not so sure where, though).

Basically we did not do much, just rambling on the busy streets of Manchester, window shopping a little, (shop a little), jalan-jalan cari makan and all sorts people do visiting a city other than the one the person is residing in. LOL.

Tracey sms-ed me when the minute she reached Manchester Airport and I went to meet her at the hotel brought her to lunch at Tai Wu restaurant at Chinatown. I remembered the last time we paid a visit to this place was in June where I still thought they served good, and also value for money Dim Sum and other Chinese dishes. Boy, I felt soooo disappointed this time around. Service was crappy, maybe it's because we went during peak hours. Bad food served. (Ok-la except for the bowl of porridge and KING PRAWN cheong fun). Oh ya, the Char Kueh Tiaw is the worst CKT I have ever tasted in sooooo many years. Full stop.

These are what we had.

After our meal, the 3 of us walked over to the city centre to sightsee and window shopping. The streets were packed with people of different kinds. Fat Thin Tall Short, semua pun ada. Think we were at Selfridges for a very long time. I was undecisive on whether to get myself a bag or otherwise. But in the also buy. Will have to save and cut down on my expenses for the months to come edi. *sobs*

This is myself and my friend from Doha; Tracey.

We shopped til about half past 7 and felt so darn tired and call it a day. So, me and Yanna took a cab to the train station (coz we sesat jalan, don't know how to go back to the place, plus our feet hurts like nobody's business like that) @.@ The train from Manchester back to Sheffield was very packed and this is quite unusual lor. Only that I know later that there was a match between Manchester United and Liverpool team in Old Trafford on that very day. -______-

Reach Sheffield and both of us were starving already. So, we went over to London Road's Yuen Shan to have Steamboat coz Yanna felt like having them. hahaha... So, ajak-ed Edmund along coz that person complained I didn't ajak him the last round I went.

Part of the ingredients. More to come later! hahahaha

We had a very satisfying meal this time around (compared to the one in the afternoon, this one wins; hands down). ^^ After the steamboat session, we parted and went back to our homes respectively.

One very tiring day indeed; but it was a H.a.P.p.Y one. =D

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