Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nothing to do

I am sooo bored now. Have nothing else better to do, so here am I, crapping a lil here... ^^ My lack of update proves that my life over here is as dull as it sounds. Hhmm, I don't know how it sound like, just don't know how to describe my dull-ness.

Been sick for the past few days, was off from work for 3 days in a row now. Meaning NO income flowing in for the week, so have to spend less. Argh....! So kesian, is like I have to kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang. I've been resting at home for a few days now, then yesterday night my boss called and asked whether I am ok to work today, I said yes-lo, coz have been slacking for few days at home also very bored. Then all of a sudden, my throat felt so darn itchy and cough cough cough non stop for quite some time, then when I continue talking to her, she said "I think you better stay at home and rest for a few more days". So sad oh.... Takda income!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 of my beloved housemates all went to work edi. So, left me alone with another 3, which I'm not close with. So, it doesn't make any difference if they are at home or not. Basically, am alone now. Typing like a soh-poh and also chatting on MSN with friends back home. Coming to this chatting part, I just got to know Lee Hom is going to Malaysia for some event from Kyrina. Argh!! Too bad I can't go back for that. Hhmm, looks like this is going to be the first event that has got to do with Lee Hom that I WILL MISS in sooooo many years! *sobs* One bad news for me and good news for the fans back home. -___-

One thing. second bad news for me has got to do with the GB Sterling. Sigh.... Electricity and gas bill came. Got a real shock out of them. One person need to pay about 200 quid for the duration of 100 days! Can you imagine.... It's like equivalent to 1000.00 Ringgit Malaysia edi leh my goodness... I can do so many things with the 200 pounds lor. But then now need to fork out for the utility bill. SO SAD TO THE MAX OK!!

Thinking of it makes me sick all over again.

Other updates very soon.


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