Friday, March 6, 2009

Not Tally

Since the day I work part-time in a Chinese takeaway, I have made very very little mistakes regarding money wise. Today was an exception and I felt soooooo terrible!! Really had an awful day...KNS. The amount of money that I have calculated from the delivery slips are not tally... It doesn't matter if it's just one or two pound, BUT it's an awful lot of 14 quid that has been missing! I have repeatedly counted the cash received and slips for numerous times and also have arranged them according to the numbers, and yet I still short of that amount. Felt so sad... Dahlah today I was coughing like mad and having a super super bad flu while at work, somemore need to lose money. It's like I'm working without being paid like that. Damn.

To make worse become worst, apart from the sueh-ness, I wore only a very thin layer of sweater to work today. AND it was so damn bloody cold when I was walking home. Came out from the train station and felt myself shivering like mad, so took a cab home in the end. There, wasted 20 quid just like that. Arghh.... !!!

It really is a very bad day for me! Am going to Dreamland straight after I've posted this.


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